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I used to be retired from this... got people fired up from this I was smashing them... I retired from that. Now I'm back Took a look at you wrote you in the creature book, ya know... Ya got a really bad look,The fire blaze I took. This ain't no game. this work is for the fame and to tame. I be dominating, nominating. Talked to ya boss told her who you were she went in a blur and decided to fore you. I retried you. Dominated you as you flew I shot you down to the ground ya ain't got no fame. get yo wack rap outta here.

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For those of you who looked up this rap on roblox Auto Rap Battles, I originally created this rap. I just posted this on this platform.

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hey my mom always said stay i bed but to be honest it drives me out of my hed and i wont stand it sit inn hear day after day tring to keep the time away my heart say go but my head say stay im stuck in a world of chaos down right chaos. I mean every single day my brain it says obey but i listen to my heart and i will just fall apart
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