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Get grilled in the latest Urbaniacs challenge! Test your knowledge of life in Urbanville

Answers for each quiz can be found somewhere on the Urbaniacs site, but it is up to you to find them.
You must get a perfect score in order to officially pass the quiz and earn the reward.
You can take each quiz once per day until you pass it.
If you miss any questions, you'll have to wait until tomorrow before trying that quiz again.
Check back often, as we will be add more quizzes periodically.
Good luck!

Reward: 5,000 Urbos per Quiz

Quiz List

1.Super Challenge p2Begin
2.Super Challenge p3Begin
3.Super Challenge p4Begin
4.Super Challenge p5Begin
5.Super Challenge p6Begin
6.Super Challenge p7Begin
7.Super Challenge p8Begin
8.Maggot Trivia RoyaleBegin
9.Amiara Trivia RoyaleBegin
10.It Is All About the SidekicksBegin
11.General Urb TriviaBegin
12.Know Your Urb GamesBegin
13.Hippogrik's QuizBegin
14.More Urb TriviaBegin
15.Even More Urb TriviaBegin
16.CptRavage's QuizBegin
18.Blue Dragon p4Begin
19.Blue Dragon p5Begin
Trivia Royale