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The time has come for a new breed of Vigilantes. A small group who share a common goal, to grow and unite the world under one umbrella. While our world drifts slowly towards it's destruction. We refuse to watch and band together almost instinctivly. One young child and one old man have come together to make history. To not only make history but to save us from our greatest enemy. No not Goatfist, ourselves! If you'd like to be part of this awakening. There will be 12 counsel members selected every 100 days from within us and you will no longer be a pawn within an orginization. You wil be a Vigilante and we are THE VIGILANTES!

If you choose to join please apply here.

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so i am guessing i am not welcomed in viganates

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You must be mis-understanding me saiu. Of course I'd rather you were with the vigilantes all the time, but I appreciate that sometimes your calling might be elsewhere.

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ive been a vigilante from the start so you can be sure to count me in

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whatever tht weirdo at the top was talking about :D im in!:P

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Vigilant leaders ( if you're still here) I would like to join your group as an honourary member.

And help rebuild this group.

the Senator.

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Grr this is so hard :L I was technically a temp leader of the vigilantes. Now Im supposed to be leader of FC + Heroes and been given a job for the USI. Yeah join Sen.

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A good start would be to put down your dispo as Vigilante.

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Many may have forgotten, but I'm here to remind everybody that although Vigilantes might not be in the spotlight, we are not gone.
As Winston Churchill said "All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope." and we the Vigilantes are here, from the beginning to the end, to make a stand for all these "great things".

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vigi pride

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Well said kampo I second that!

Now let's see if I remember my way around this place...

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i think this thread should be brought back 2 us

*Vigilante Pride*

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So how will JTG react if he knew I was contemplating leaving the spambot posts here so he can see what he was missing.

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do it
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