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The time has come for a new breed of Vigilantes. A small group who share a common goal, to grow and unite the world under one umbrella. While our world drifts slowly towards it's destruction. We refuse to watch and band together almost instinctivly. One young child and one old man have come together to make history. To not only make history but to save us from our greatest enemy. No not Goatfist, ourselves! If you'd like to be part of this awakening. There will be 12 counsel members selected every 100 days from within us and you will no longer be a pawn within an orginization. You wil be a Vigilante and we are THE VIGILANTES!

If you choose to join please apply here.

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*Hands out cups of tea, cans of coke, and a beers* Congrats everyone! Let's do it again this month!

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Just wondering, does anyone show their vigi colours with their crew jacket anymore? I remember way back when every Friday was vigi day where we all wore our crew colours to show we were dedicated and loyal to the vigilantes. May be unimportant to some but it is a good way to see if someone is commited enough to gimp their stats a little for a day to show their pride for the Vigilantes. Anyways, congratulations guys.

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diddoe, you forgot me on your vigi list

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My bad Under_Wing i just added you.

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you can always count on me. love ,your brother,GOOSE

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Thanks D for making me a Master Vigilante, I will always be loyal to the Vigilante Empire or rather Armada

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Hey Diddoe I was just wondering could you add me on your list too!! :D Pleeaseee!

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anyone wants to join my vigi crew?

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i m in too

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Woah! Has anyone taken a look at our lead so far this month?

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we are in the lead with 40,991 points last I checked *drinks sake*

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We have roughly a 20,000 point lead!

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Me and bodnapa got about 150 points each last night

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Congrats my friend, Nice way to support the Vigilante Empire, you get big props for that

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i want to join

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post your base stats in the cadets thread

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Vigilantes are like no other.
Be yourselves and fight for what you believe in.

~Much love

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hello old friends hello new im here to tell u all that u have gotten weak i dont have much time.i only have time to tell everyknown vigilante to report to vigilante law at is time to choose a side and a leader

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Our side and leader has been chosen for a while. Maybe you were not here for that.

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if diddoe is your leader then he is the wrong leader. choose a new leder among yourselves.i have come to warn you that someone will soon be chosen to join the elite generals of urbaniacs im using a fake name for my identidy no one will kno when the person is chosen only that person and the elite generaly........its gonna be big

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Greetings hamandcheeselol,

I hope you're not offended if I call you hac for short. I think it's very important that I say this once again.

The Vigilantes always has been & should always be more of a family than an organization.

A Vigilante must always be somewhat independant. The 1 thing that we have in common is something you just don't get... RESPECT!

You may think of me as a wise old man or somebody's old senile grampa (lol). It really doesn't matter.

(o/c by the way I'm really not that old)xD

The Vigilantes are made up of Brothers Sisters Uncles Aunts & so on. Some of us enjoy playing the games, some enjoy creating topics, & some of us simply like reading through the countless amount of posts being made.

Now just to entertain your foolishness even further. It's very possible that most of the world leaders today have been chosen by the so called elite to rule over the people. However I'm not here to rule over my family, but only to embrace them.


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For Example I enjoy Role Playing a lot more than I just post here in the Vigilante side of the forums

and D, that Shang Tsung avatar kinda suggests to me that your were the first Vigilante anyways *drinks sake*
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