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The time has come for a new breed of Vigilantes. A small group who share a common goal, to grow and unite the world under one umbrella. While our world drifts slowly towards it's destruction. We refuse to watch and band together almost instinctivly. One young child and one old man have come together to make history. To not only make history but to save us from our greatest enemy. No not Goatfist, ourselves! If you'd like to be part of this awakening. There will be 12 counsel members selected every 100 days from within us and you will no longer be a pawn within an orginization. You wil be a Vigilante and we are THE VIGILANTES!

If you choose to join please apply here.

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Sweet I'm in!!!

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finally im back with the vigilantes

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After alot of consideration I have decided my place is truly with the vigilantes, not the heroes. Its all very well planning to do good but theres planning and then theres doing. I believe the vigilantes to be a more active bunch and so I offer my services to them.

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NightBane and Raphiel - welcome. You will be valuable additions to the vigilante force.

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Dont 4get me i've been quite a bit of help during the urbowars :)

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I wish to apply

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Can I apply?

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Bronco - of course you won't be forgotten
Dertz and bigdan - welcome

To all of you, please continue to spread the love, hate, whatever you have. We have a whole forum here waiting for your opinions.

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Vigilantes as of now your number 1 priority is to maintain our dominance in the Urbowars!

Be sure to invite as many Vigilantes as you can to your assaults.

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I am so in Did to the doe.

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Yes sir Mr. Diddoe! *salutes* But..I will still invite friends, whether they are heroes, villains, etc...Sorry, its just how I am...But I will invite as many Vigis as I can.

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Great guys let's do this!

So far so good Vigilantes.

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I've been away for a while...

I apologize for the absence, but as before, i remain loyal to the vigilante cause and am prepared to fight.

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i am finally back and ready than ever.its time to show the underloyal vigilantes wat true loyalty is really about.i am in.

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Great dedication fellow Vigilantes!

We still hold a small lead in the UrboWars, but we're gonna need better teamwork to hold on to it.

At this time we're gonna have to pay very close attention on who we invite to assaults.

Find your fellow Vigilantes and battle together.
I'll be spending more hours logged on this week to help out.

Stay active guys!
~Go Vigilantes

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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on in God knows how long, but I'm back Hope to see everyone throw down!

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this is rawww im in!!! Vigilantes all the way!!!

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Good to see you back DragonSage. Welcome to the team Beast

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hey didoe
can't belive i nvr signed up for this
how bout it
can we count me in?


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Hey Woulf nice work today!

Yo wsup Dragon, I'm glad you're still checkin up on us.

Welcome aboard Beast & X!

It's time for a big push Vigilantes.
Let's put our hard hats on!

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man vigilantes rock ,and if you still trying to decide on what to be pick vigilantes

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No prob, didd, I'm glad to be off help XD We're a lil' behind, but we can make it up! 2 days left peeps, let's step it up! ^.=.^

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Been away for a while, Allot going on, count me in, I'll do my bit

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Always good to see you around mad. Hopefully I'll cath you in the arena soon.

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