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The time has come for a new breed of Vigilantes. A small group who share a common goal, to grow and unite the world under one umbrella. While our world drifts slowly towards it's destruction. We refuse to watch and band together almost instinctivly. One young child and one old man have come together to make history. To not only make history but to save us from our greatest enemy. No not Goatfist, ourselves! If you'd like to be part of this awakening. There will be 12 counsel members selected every 100 days from within us and you will no longer be a pawn within an orginization. You wil be a Vigilante and we are THE VIGILANTES!

If you choose to join please apply here.

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SpanishChica please post your stats unequipped then someone will start your training. in the mean time enjoy, enjoy because once training starts its gonna get to be even more fun.
post it under

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Greetings Vigilantes,

The topic of the day is Deputy Mayor.
In politics the people choose their candidates for various reasons. Usually because of their policies, but in some cases many other things are the deciding factor.

Some vote for the best looking politician.
Some people vote along with their friends or particular party. I vote for the candidate that I believe can better serve the interest of the people.

I could quite easily see myself endorsing either one of these qualified candidates. Many of you already have a candidate that you're endorsing.
As always I asked that you as an individuals follow your own heart & vote for who YOU think will do the best job.

I'VE decided to work with the person who has donated the most to OUR cause...

In the event that I've recieved an equal amount from both parties. I will endorse the donor who's donation I recieved first.

I will announce who I endorse within the hour.
Then I'll hit the streets...

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Is it too late to join?

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sign me up man!!

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Good Day Vigilantes,

Greetings to our newest cadets and members.
Congrats are due to Eagle on becoming Deputy Mayor, & also to Supersyco for being elected to City Council.

Also congratulations to our Mistress of Funk.
We're all diggin your new makeover Chic. We'd like to thank you for your assistance with our group & all that you've done.

Our forum has seen a major increase in activity. Everyones hard work is greatly appreciated.
Many of our newer members are truely DEDICATED.

You are True Vigilantes & I salute you!

It's been a while since my last post here & I thought it would be a good time to report on the status of our group. I feel now is the time to move and act as one. Not some of us but all of us together.

This group was created to protect & preserve Vigilantism. Vigilantes must be prepared & ready to deal with injustice where ever it might be.

Their many lone Vigilantes, but by standing together we represent the highest form of VIGILANTE-POWER!

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hahahhaha there is a thread to spam the goat.

I'm just curious how many people I can get to spam it with me

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Hahahahaha! Summers, that was a lot of fun! Thanks for telling me about that. We should all do this more often!

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Well it seems we should keep on our toes. apparently the GoatFist is in town to stay. As I hear he is going to clean house of all his deal weight and recruit new slaves on his own. Seems like he has had enough of people running the villains to the ground. Guess he got tired of his people not obeying his rules.
Just thought yall should know.
: ) queen summers

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count me in

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ok Vigi's this is the perfect opportunity to show people how it is done. Go to this forum if your able to participate sign up and state what you want to switch to.

a few hours to play your opposite. Read Lilly's introduction be sure you understand it.

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Greetings once again Vigilantes,

I apologize to you all for not being as active as usual. My brother in real life has gotten himself in serious trouble. So I've been spending all my time trying to find ways to help him. I still login a couple of times a day but only for a few minutes.

I've noticed recently that some of our members no longer claim to be Vigilantes. One X member claims our organization was being watered down by weaker members. I for one don't agree with that statement. As Vigilantes we fight for Justice untill the last drop of our blood. We fight side by side... Man, Woman & child.

I ask that those who join us in the future don't do so because they're friends with our members, but do so because they believe one should be willing to die for what they believe in.

I remember when the Beloved Maggot talked Kali into joining the Villains. They now have new recruiter who seems almost as skillfull.

Goodwork DH but my next move will surprise you.
*****The Vigilan

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*****The Vigilante***** ;)

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im in

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Welcome aboard to all of our new members & Cadets.

As you look through our Halls you will find that many have come and many have gone. Here in Urbanville you will find some of the most evil villains. As well as some of the most heroic Heroes. They both have a very important role here in this town. Their position, or the part they play is as old as Urbanville itself.

Both parties have an agenda thats quite easy to follow, but their exists another powerful factor here in Urbanville. "THE VIGILANTES"

Our position here in the Ville is quite unique.
We were born out of necessity. As lone Vigilantes the needs or concerns of our disposition would never be addressed.

The Vigilantes are and will continue to be a group of INDIVIDUALS. We will always fight for what believe is right, but unlike the heroes we shall be hated for it.

Our position is JUSTICE at all costs!
Their will not be some cosmic soloution that'll save us. In the end it's JUST US!


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hey wotz up everyone im bk and ready to kick it, so i see your at the top now diddoe congrats!!!!!!

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One question do you have to have a certain number of stats to join?

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Thanks free, what's up Duck!

We only require that you truely are a Vigilante.

Some Urbs are the grumpy type.
They usually make the best Villains.

Some Urbs are always trying to help.
They make the best Heroes.

Vigilantes are a mixture of both.
We like to help but we're not your typical good guys. ;)

Besides the cool kids gotta hang out somewhere! :D

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Hey hey hey wuzz up everybody havn't been here in a long time i've been on christmas brake.

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Can someone train Die_or_eat_italian?
She can't urbogram yet
but i'll be her messenger.
Her stats unequippedare

mojo 120
might 101
health 122
defense 115

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Greetings once again Vigilantes,

Today I'd like to greet you all with a specific purpose in mind.

This will require all of our active Vigilantes participation. Please sign up in the thread created by summers titled "ATTENTION".

I will be contacting you all via Vigi-mail in regards to your duties. Each trainer will be given an assignment & I ask that you each try your best to complete the task within the allotted time.

If for whatever reason I don't Vigi-mail you your assignment. Send me a message and I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

The first task at hand should be completed by the end of the day this Sunday.

So I'd like to ask every Vigilante to get the word out to each other A.SA.P.

-Good luck

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As wounded warriors fall from grace,
We watch as a tear drops drip from a small childs face.

As minutes pass and hours go,
The need for a Vigilant spirit will always grow.

As our enemies close in determined to succeed,
We rise with fire in our eyes,
burning them with the blood we bleed.

We must all meet death & for some it maybe scary, but remember theres two types of death ordinary & Revoloutionary!

As I stand before you I represent the spirit of over a million men. Justice will eventually find it's place & the righteous will always win.

*****The Vigilante*****

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I know now what must be done to stop these fiends even if it means losing my life, we as the unseen warriors never fall from grace as long as someone out there calls to us for help

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I am applying for vigilante position, I currenty have 14 years experience in bending the rules to meet my needs. lol

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Greetings bigdan & Crimson,

The first oder of business is to get this forum up and running again.

You guys keep posting and stay active and I'll try to round up the other homies.
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