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The time has come for a new breed of Vigilantes. A small group who share a common goal, to grow and unite the world under one umbrella. While our world drifts slowly towards it's destruction. We refuse to watch and band together almost instinctivly. One young child and one old man have come together to make history. To not only make history but to save us from our greatest enemy. No not Goatfist, ourselves! If you'd like to be part of this awakening. There will be 12 counsel members selected every 100 days from within us and you will no longer be a pawn within an orginization. You wil be a Vigilante and we are THE VIGILANTES!

If you choose to join please apply here.

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nice sppech u speak the truth this new breed of vigalantes must be willing and powerful

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What's good, I'm in!!!

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Sweet!!! Im in!!!;)

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Count me in!

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diddoe post the members and include the members of the movement ill start recruitin

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dude im in

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Welcome me and diddoe our happy with the outcome but still need more members


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Well i aint got nothing better to do so i guess im in.

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"Hear hear!" the vigilante says upon entering the new digs... I'm ready!

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I will readily join your ranks

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We welcome you with open are fellow Vigi! :)Don't forget to spread the word!!!

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a vigi till the end and here to help vigis till then end

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A big welcome to everybody

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Hey Diddoe,you should wright down a ranking list.

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The Avenger has me working on that now. I'll finish it as soon as I can.
-coming soon

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remember vialantes to sign up for the urbolympics to represent us


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We should get a crew jacket!!!

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purple and black looks cool!
what does everybody else think?

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(See my response to you in the other thread you created...)

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Im in....

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Welcome Vigilantes!

We have become a small group with limitless potential. This post is to inform you that the next stage of our development is here. The forming of THE VIGILANTE COUNSEL. 12 of you will be selected within a weeks time. Those of you selected will form the Foundation of this movement.

As we move forward there will be plenty of changes. When the time is right I will discuss these issues with each of you. All Counsel members will serve a term which has yet to be decided upon. Collectivly they will elect a new Leader for our organization every 100 days. With the exception of myself all of you will have the oppurtunity to lead us in a prosperous direction. I will however remain throughout and do my part to help all Vigilantes as your Loyal and trusted Advisor.

All seeking a seat on this Counsel are asked to contact me via Vigi-Mail. This is just the beginning...

*****The Vigilante*****

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im, hi evry1!

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hello frost... let us all give frost a warm welcome and lots of props!

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You can count me in!!
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