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So... all the images are broken and the pages are not secure. We may be close to saying our final goodbye. In case we don't get the chance, I'd like to thank everyone for sticking around, for making Urb great and for making lovely memories here. Back in the Golden Age of Urb, I never thought it would have ever fallen to this point. Even through the years where only the forum was left standing, at least it still looked like Urbanville. *sigh* I think I might be entering into a grieving period.

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Maaan I haven't thought about this place in ages and its cool to see some familiar faces still posting. Hope your lives been well!

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hello. hope everyone is well

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lickety split! two old timers checkin in!

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Hello hello :) it’s definitely been a while! I don’t really know why I thought to come and check this out, it’s 3:15am here in the UK and I’m struggling to sleep and for some reason I thought of Urbaniacs! I wonder if any of you will remember me?

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Hi everyone :>

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i missed this the other day - HEY KINGS!!!!!

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we need an OLD TIMER day lol

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everyday is old timer day!

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