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So... all the images are broken and the pages are not secure. We may be close to saying our final goodbye. In case we don't get the chance, I'd like to thank everyone for sticking around, for making Urb great and for making lovely memories here. Back in the Golden Age of Urb, I never thought it would have ever fallen to this point. Even through the years where only the forum was left standing, at least it still looked like Urbanville. *sigh* I think I might be entering into a grieving period.

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hi guys im back

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Hey Bucket, Mentos

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Welcome back guys

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went back on this site after many of years to see if i can show my kids and this just made me sad to see it go

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Anyone here??

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I leave for 4 years (new account couldnt remember old info) and then its dying, its sad that the internet doesn't really appreciate this place as much as it should

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Somethings I log in here just to see who else has logged in and posted recently. If anyone who remembers playing with me would like to connect, you can DM me on Reddit u/Rookvrouw_Joke.

I know I had ManDude(?) on YouTube like 10 years ago. Never really kept up with anyone outside Urb but it would be cool!

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Another year and a few pieces still standing...

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only the strong will survive!

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I'll be on the battle rap forums in case anyone is interested on RHYMING and FREESTYLING.

I'll dye on this site, no matter what :')

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Happy New Year, everyone! Life has been especially busy lately, but I still think about Urb. Wish the site had evolved with the times. Hope 2023 brings everyone everything they are wishing for. ^_^

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i guess this is the end, guys. gozilla here. Once upon a time this was the greatest site on planet earth, but not more. The site is all broken (systematically) speaking, to the point we couldnt even put a profile pic, and all the good freestylers we used to have around here vanished. so by now, people barely come here only to copypaste or steal someone else's lyrics somehow. But even then, I just wanted to say, you all never gave up of rap and if you have a talent don't be afraid to show it, peace, and see yall in the next mission ... Peace

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*looks around *

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Hey Os

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how's life going for you guys?

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My oh my, seeing this place still up brings back a lot of memories. It's also endearing to see a lot of you old farts still posting.

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This website is a relic now.

Posting a final hi and goodbye and to apologise for y'all having to put up with ... 14 year old me? Must have been rough. Thanks all, I have very fond memories of this website!

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Clocking back in, thinking about you guys!

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Can't believe this site is still here. Miss you all!

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then come back more often brother!

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Finally got my old login to work ;)

I really miss this place.
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