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I'm a career stealer,
im an mc peeler
you say your chains are real,
well mine are realer
my bars are superior
you know i'm a winner.

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I will start:

Ain't nobody can top me
It's clear am gonna take all the glory
Y'all just need to leave
It's all your lame raps that I will cleave
Y'all just need a nap
Because you guys have the lamest rap
With my rap everybody clap
Y'all need to quit it
Or else ill throw you of the pit

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this is truly sad
both yall took time to think
its time i show yall what's on the brink

your rhymes, they're sad, you know, they're bad
and whats the point of tryin when you know you'll just get subsided
what's the point in tryin when we all know you're cryin
cuz we're all better in our own way
we all have our ways to make everyone pay
we can all agree, rap is not your thing
wait until, just wait until you can make a song everyone wants to sing
just look at the ping inside your brain
i think i need bleach to stain
my eyes so i dont need too see the next load of crap
and now i am done with this rap

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