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Hey Urbs, hope everyone is staying safe through this global crisis. I'm usually rather hermit-like, so daily life hasn't really changed for me, but I know many people are having a hard time adjusting, not to mention the huge financial impact this is having. Hang in there!

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working from home, but making do. stay healthy out there!

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I had a two week spring break and now I'l be finishing the rest of my junior year at home online, hope everyone else is ok!

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Been pretty boring, still got all my college work to do at home, other than that I'm okay, I hope everyone else is well, miss you all!

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its too bad the site is dead, because this would be a great time for new members and a flurry of activity otherwise!

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Hello, its nice to be back, im the former account of "COUNTRYfromheadtotoe". This website has changed ALOT and i decided id like to start a new beginning on it. Originally my intent on this website was to troll and amuse, my ridiculous user name was a "hey wouldnt it be funny if i did this" kinda thing and then throughout visits of all these different forums i found it to be very enjoyable to interact with everyone here. The new age of social media has definitely changed the game of traditional blogging and this website has definitly kept alot of aspects of the communication through blogs and forums. i think about this website alot and with the whole global pandemic i figured id come back. <3

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Eh, Ive been here on this website for only I think a year, and I already feel old.
Situation with lockdown is ok. Ive been laying on my bed a lot.

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Working from home, miss this site and I remember a lot of you!

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Hi! I haven't checked in for awhile. Hope everyone is doing well!

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I’m doing well just being sporadic due to real life situations

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My goodness, can y’all believe that when I first started playing this game I didn’t even have kids? Haha! Now I’ve got a 10 and 11 year old! Time flies. Had a lot of fun on here, met some great ppl that are still my good friends today.
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