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I've been wondering as I drop in and look at the long list of categories in the forums to see if anyone posted... should I deactivate all the useless ones? Challenges, Crews, Ladies, Fellas, etc., etc.? Should we just keep the relevant few? Or do you like having the list around to read old posts? Or does it really not matter?

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i really only visit the same few. most of the others i will drop in on if i see a new post, but rarely comment.
other than historical value, some of the old ones don't hold much weight
my .02

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Was wondering the same thing Love. I only stop every so often when I get some time. I think they should be deactivated, hopefully it becomes easier to combat the spam bots.

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Ok, so I cleaned up a bit. :p It's easier to look at IMO.

If you want anything brought back, let me know. There were some nostalgic threads I looked at before deactivating.

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I thought the end was coming to the place. till i read this post. Thanks Love looks good,

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Haha! I thought it might cause a panic. I'm still disoriented by it. :p

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a little here. getting used to it

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Holy moly, you gave me a heck of a spook right there. Give me a scare just in time for Halloween, huh?

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I think its cool, these are usually the threads i look at anyways when i comeback. Man i wish this game would revive itself somehow.

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Well we all do sand.

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I've always felt like this is Love's website, she's literally out here doing the most. I like the cleanup, everything is more condensed so it doesn't seem as abandoned.

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Hey old Homey's. This is the original Mayor DaMan, one of the founders of the site (along with Synjen). Even though we had to move on a bunch of years ago due to taking on new jobs, new parenting responsibilities... and life... I'm delighted and proud to see that some of you continue to meet up and chill. Things are good with me and I hope your lives are awesome in their own way. JenQ and I are still kicking' it. We've got two teenagers, two dogs, and busy lives. Working on this site continues to be one of my favorite experiences I've had in my career. I loved hangin' with all of you and I'm supa proud of the place we made (before smart phones existed!) As we roll into the end of 2019, I wanna wish all of you happy holidays, a funky new year, and I hope you achieve your dreams and goals in 2020! As always... Urb ON! DaMan!
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