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16K props, 1K posts

Posting this in the big dogs forum hoping to reach some of the OGs. I may never get replies here, and there's a possibility I won't even check for the replies LOL but just want anyone who sees this to share and pass on the good vibes.

My question for you is: how did Urbaniacs play a part in your formative years?

I started when I was about the seventh grade or my first year of high school. I was a shy fat insecure kid and Urbaniacs turned me into a shy fat insecure NERDY kid. Kidding aside, I was always one who stayed quiet. Didn't have mu h friends in real life. My first yr playing urb I was a quiet hero. Something snapped in me one day and I started role playing as a louder boisterous villain of the family with a burning hate for zeros (yes after all this time ya'll still zeros).

16K props, 1K posts

The more outgoing I got in urb started to spill over to real life. I eventually came to be more chatty, a bit more sure of myself, and more thankfully more humerus than my online cointerpart. Now I don't shut up lol. And as I type this while taking a break from doing some overtime at work (from highschool boy playing urb to corporate slave real quick), I can't help but feel appreciative of all these strange online strangers that stretched my imagination, role played til I couldn't help but break character, and help the quiet kid find his voice.

So what's your urb glow up story?
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