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Posting this in the big dogs forum hoping to reach some of the OGs. I may never get replies here, and there's a possibility I won't even check for the replies LOL but just want anyone who sees this to share and pass on the good vibes.

My question for you is: how did Urbaniacs play a part in your formative years?

I started when I was about the seventh grade or my first year of high school. I was a shy fat insecure kid and Urbaniacs turned me into a shy fat insecure NERDY kid. Kidding aside, I was always one who stayed quiet. Didn't have mu h friends in real life. My first yr playing urb I was a quiet hero. Something snapped in me one day and I started role playing as a louder boisterous villain of the family with a burning hate for zeros (yes after all this time ya'll still zeros).

16K props, 1K posts

The more outgoing I got in urb started to spill over to real life. I eventually came to be more chatty, a bit more sure of myself, and more thankfully more humerus than my online cointerpart. Now I don't shut up lol. And as I type this while taking a break from doing some overtime at work (from highschool boy playing urb to corporate slave real quick), I can't help but feel appreciative of all these strange online strangers that stretched my imagination, role played til I couldn't help but break character, and help the quiet kid find his voice.

So what's your urb glow up story?

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it's great to hear that the community of urbs was able to help you out.
well for me it all started with a coworker introduced to the game. it helpped pass the time on grave yard shifts. him, his wife and kids helped me out and introduced me to other urbz. they got me in The Family. met a LOT of great people on here, even talked to a lot of them in RL. untill I went back to full duty, I lost touch with with them due to the hours I worked and days on a job site. there are some that I wish I could get in touch with.

well urbz will always have a place in my heart.
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