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You ain't elegant,
you just an ELEPHANT!
So boo to you,
you weirdo poo!
I'm at the Statue of Liberty,
You at the Statue of Negativity!

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Im an elephant? Ill crush you with my weight
Poo? Thats what Ill do to you, starting beef with a random person led to your defeat
Tiger out eating this little piece of raw meat
Boy starting a fight against unbreakable concrete
Ill beat you in another battle in a heartbeat
Im plowing through these so called pro rappers and turning them to dust
Call me ghost busters so many ghosts Im about to bust

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Yo chill because I’m here

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O luv where did you get your shirt from Jenny”s

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Never called myself the king, I don't think I am
I call myself the dam
Taking care of the heat, holding it in
Making electricity, to electrify the competition, and see who wins
Bringing the bombs doing minimal da-mage
Beating and heating it up, im a sav-age
Eating healthy, chilling on an island, wealthy
Call me a vegan, eating cabbage
But string boi you seem more like a vegan, since you always repeat
The same thing over and over again, who are you beating?

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Once again you copy and paste my raps, pitful
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