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man you and your whack rap again
why don't you explain
my rhymes hit you harder than a train
to bad you have no brain
i eat you up spit you out
you know what am all about
no pain no game
thats my nickname
all the haters fall back
or else ill attack my raps hit you like a cannonball you got what it takes
To handle the ******g heat bow for defeat get aids im out

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Trappingkiller dont act tough, you got no flow bro, you suck, these new people be noobs at rapping, fact, if i had a little brother he would rap better than that, if you rich you dont need that in a rap battle just bars don’t need cash, come at me bro ill just come with a stronger one, goodbye this battle was not fun

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Both of you kids need to stop
Hitting ctrl c and ctrl v like its your job
Stealing peoples lines will get you smacked on your jaw
Doubt anyone would reply anyway, If you're reading this reply with a diss
Not like these guys that only hiss
All talk no walk
Probably from a place they call "Their block"

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lol, i doubt that eternal copies raps

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Ight so lets get to the part
My name dont concern yu but u can just call me jd
Aint here to play games-
Aint here to outname
Just wanna see yo stanky a<> get beat
‘N u better take a seat cos u prolly cant even compete
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