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Hey everyone, I'm going to be letting go of my web hosting, which means Urb Aid will be closing down for good. If you want to look back at some of our memories, there are competitions, yearbooks, the Tiki Lounge and some other nostalgic things to view. I think it'll be up for another month.

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I think even if we'd grown up to be coders and had the time/energy to completely redesign Urb, the site's just too old in terms of functionality and content. It's not Urb's fault, it's just that nobody really uses sites like this anymore, even if it had been kept up to date. Everyone sticks to social media nowadays. I myself only really use YouTube or Reddit. Used to be an avid forum user "back in the day" but Reddit seems to have wiped out even popular online forums. Feels like we've reached a stage of the internet where it isn't a free-for-all for all types of developers anymore, just a handful of companies that make it impossible for small sites like Urb to compete.

On the bright side, I'm really surprised / glad that so many oldies are back now checking in every few weeks. That's way more of a community than a lot of sites I used to frequent, where most people dropped clean off the map. It's nice to share a common pastime with so many people!

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You can take the man out of the Urb, but you can't take the Urb out of the man. Or something like that.

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I feel like this game would have easily survived as a mobile, generate revenue and allow the owner of urbaniacs to make other games and actually become something. Or a kickstarter to change the game completely (if the game had a stable amount of members). I thoguht there were some people who became coders though like Loyal_Urbaniacs, who i think was trying to get in touch with chris but i havn't seen him in a while and Chris wasn't responding at the time.

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yep lol
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