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Wackest first impression verses curse-less Flander's joy to fill'ya
I had a full thousand pulled out some changed up just as many
But the system's disposition insists my spit's not granny friendly
Dear Santa I'm wishin' for a head on collision. I'm feelin' oppressed
A bit upset bout what the readers' missin'
Maybe it will trade me for some irony; doom and gloom
This script chin flipped from the hip'n bout to hit submit
Makes last post's failure read like some pastor's hallelulah's
Content Filter. HAH! Dis-contentment comin' with
cos this trick's been long kicked out of kilter

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Taul I would like you to know that this site has ALWAYS been a PG site. Which means that Content Filter is a necessary evil.

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and just like that, Taul's story is over...
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