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Man, 2726 days. Just over 7.34 years. I started here when I was 11, and I'm 18 now. Feels like a long, long time. Dang.

I'm joshjr1996, and I'm here to ask if any of the old timers are around here. If you are, you probably know me, and I badly want to talk to you guys and find out what's been up. You can add me on Steam,, or even League of Legends.

Steam: MrJoshy#11126
League of Legends: Saathrend.

Add me there, and we can talk, or hang out and play some games. I'm down for anything.

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Hiya Josh. I remember you. I don't play any of those games. Didn't realize you were so young. Lil whippersnapper.

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U can catch me on League. I'm in the bronze elo though which is cancer, but next season I'm going ad carry and climbing out. Word of advice: Dont be a support main.

Sydney, get with the times please :).

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darn kids....s'up josh!

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Been a long while.

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Happens, man. I joined this site when I was 12 now I am almost 20. Time flies.

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YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO add me on league = Get Out Mi Kha
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