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Good day all,

I have spoken to the owner of the site with some suggestions and will need some from you guys as well.
When I asked some randoms to join the site and provide me with feedback about their first thoughts, not one, but ALL of them (from different places) thought that they might get a virus from Urbs. :|

This is really bad.

The first suggestions that I sent to the owner was:

change the colour scheme. The yellow and purple was cool... ten years ago. When new people come to the site, it looks like a site for children. Then they leave.
that chat filter is horrible!
the add placement right at the top of the screen is annoying. I am not saying that we should not have ads, I reckon that is how /Urbs make revenue/. Just put that one elsewhere. It should not be the first thing that you see.
New items.
activate cribs again.

• And fix the text so that the thing at the start of this sentence does not happen

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Any updates on this guys?

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What happened to Bobaganoosh wasn't he a programmar

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I think he mentioned that he was learning, but he wasn't at the level where he could fix the site.

Basically, the code is so messed up, the site needs to be built from scratch, and unless the players do it for free, it's not going to happen. Realistically, Urb is over.

I can't make any changes to the training or tps. We can still manipulate the stats, but that's about it.

I don't know how long Chris will keep the site up, and we'll likely have no notice when it goes down.

Sorry to be so depressing, but Urb had a really good run. I'm thankful to have been here during the Golden Age.

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*holds up a beer*

I second that comment, and grateful for all the friends I've meet here that have come and gone.

I toast to Urbaniancs and better Urbs that made this place what is was.

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Dang, I felt like someone would try and save the site. If only someone could but this game and turn it into a mobile game. This concept really work with mobile. Why does Chris own this place if he's not going to do anything with it or even check up on it?

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urbs till the end, my friends. this was a great place during its heyday, and i will hang on with the rest of you until it is no more.

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1 more old school throwdown

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If I see someone on I will surely ask for a throw down.. I am game

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lets do this! I'm always down for a good throwdown

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A few rough ideas I had for a page redesign. A little late to the party, yeah?
Mantis said that a few people he had come by thought that this website would give them viruses and that is understandable. Yellow and purple help each other stand out, but they don't look good together, especially not the bright shades used on the front page. Blue and orange on the other hand, look very good together. Blue, being the easiest on the eyes, would be the main color with orange as a secondary. Another color should be added to anchor the color scheme and make it more interesting to look at. When you put purple with them, it helps to give an almost gender neutral feel, which would make boys and girls feel comfortable on it. I say boys and girls because at the core of the website, it functions as a place for children to interact on. We all like it because we grew up with it, but adults showing up for the first time would never sign up. That has to be kept in mind.


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To attract children, we have to keep another thing in mind. Kids are very self-centered and they don’t like to pay attention to anything for very long. To that end, the front page should be busy. There should be images everywhere, not text. There should be colors, not huge white boxes. I included a brief character profile in the corner so that anybody who logs in can instantly see themselves. They will also see their inbox, maybe even show a piece of their newest message. They should also be able to see if a few of their friends are online. Kids love to interact with their friends. Lastly comes the urbos. The idea here is to offer the kids as much of themselves and as much of other people as we can in as little space as we can. By seeing their urb, they are instantly pulled in. Seeing their messages and friends gives prompts them to chat without forcing them to go to the forums to see what’s new.

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In the image I have the daily news box starred. As it stands, it’s a big white box with some text and somebody else’s urb, or more accurately, things to read and nothing about them. My initial thought was to have it reflect the current day in Urbanville. I think the best option would be to have it display today's weather. Maybe have a script that changes every 3 months to keep it linked with real life seasons and, let's say in the winter, it might be snowing on some days, or it could be raining in the spring, and hot in the summer. It’s just something to catch the eye so they have something else to look at. It also makes the city feel more alive by having that tie into the front page.


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Ok so apparently the chat box doesn't like apostrophes.

My second star is in what is currently the actual news section. There are a few messages about the website itself right now. What it should be is messages about the website and the players. I was thinking have the important website message, whatever it may be that day (like a happy holidays or a bug update, whatever), and then have the rest of the messages be about players. Maybe FunkyTim2049 just saved four people from a Kelvin during an assault. That would also spice up the city since now the kids are having a direct impact on the peace. It also encourages them to play assaults to try and get their name on the front page, which would really help them if they weren’t selected for Urb of the day.


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My third idea was in the games section. Kids love to follow trends, so I was thinking that in the box, the top game could be the one most played that day. The rest would just be other top games or new games or what have you.
On the sides, we of course have the eye catches. Those might take up the whole space, or maybe have another image box with something pertaining to the player. Maybe their sidekick, their weapon, whatever. Just something that they can look at and say “hey, that’s me”. The idea is that we don’t want big space of nothing. Kids don’t like empty spaces. Every inch of the page should be used for something, and the more of that something being either them or their friends, the better.
Those are just a few ideas. I know it's nothing really, considering a designer on top of a programmer would have to be found and hired, but I wanted to put in my 2 cents. And hey, maybe it will give someone better and with more skill a few ideas. I just want some new life flowing in.

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Also really not digging that no apostrophes thing.

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Clap Clap

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Everyone has good ideas, but that is not what is holding us back...

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We have plenty of people willing to help.. we need some thoughts back from the people in charge..
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