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141K props, 5K posts

I just hate it when I get all ones when I train. Grrrrr.

I feel the need to let loose some sonic waves on those stupid blocks. Who is with me?

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141K props, 5K posts

Where are those 'special' blocks I keep hearing about. Freakin story tellers

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those blocks are the most unholy of unholy.....not even close to me...of blocks that are there!

as for those "special" blocks, I've never seen the likes of them.

141K props, 5K posts

Inside each chest you'll find stats that will make your Urbaniac stronger and more powerful. If you're really lucky, you might find some urbos, a training pass, a piece of gear or some other secret item.

I would say I am pretty lucky, but I don't guess I am REALLY lucky. Never ever have I got urbos, gear or some other secret item or training passes. EVER....

Frustration at the hypocrisy...
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