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Hello Urb! I have a pretty funky contest to bring to you!

How to win you ask? Well I'll tell you!
Submit a groovy Halloween themed picture to the gallery, the thing is, it has to be Urb based.

Now whats a good contest without a good prize? Check this out!

1st Place prize- 8 MILLION Urbos, and a +50 TP of your choice

2nd Place Prize- 4 MILLION Urbos, and a hug from Kate Upton! (The hug is not guaranteed!)

Anyone can compete, so dont be shy! Contest ends November 1st.

Happy Halloween!

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I will double the prizes for this contest!!

I opened up the "Halloween Contest" section in the gallery for this event.

Please make submissions there:

Every submission will receive a prize if an attempt was made.

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I'll participate if i can and contribute 4mil for 3rd (Since Jay doubled)

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Lul i had though it was a dress up contest.

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Don't know if mine sent all it did was crash

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ill triple all the prizes!!!!!

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Better hurry! You have until 2:00 pm CENTRAL time tomorrow :)

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Dang, I missed it. Who won?

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only sandggg entered but his image was corrupt so i couldn't upload it.

I would suggest extending this contest a bit longer..

But thats up to you Magic.

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Sorry for the absence lately, I was stuck without internet! But Im back now.

If I get AT LEAST 3 submissions Ill extend this contest. It wouldn't be fair game with only 2.

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Please email me your submissions @ [email protected]

Thank you!

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boyz and girls calm down take a notepad while I rap we all know im the best no need to confess go trick or treat while I get those special treats from girls don't make scare you because ill get you nightmares stick toyour hobbie listening to my raps

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wow such lame raps

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there not rapping there talking, if you want to rap go on freestyle

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wow, you tell em hitman..

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I don't remember writing this

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That's because you wrote it three years ago, you silly.

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Hello, I'm new.

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Hello, I'm new.

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Hello Hello Newby

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HI Newbie

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Anyone Rap contest? Only 2 others can vote whos best????😜

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Woah that’s 14 year old me

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sup yall im new
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