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Today felt one of those days to do something productive, but you know how that always turns out, so I thought i'd refresh on the old and renown members of old Urbanville, showing all the great and wise to the people that just don't know what there doing, the early years of Urb was like a school for all of us, so to all the new members that are coming and going, check out these oldies!

P.S: 2010 was a bad time for me, I was 12 alright? -Cringes-

Here's the yearbooks!

22K props, 3K posts

Also, I just found the 2011 prom we had, I still have it for you Thing.

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There is some fun stuff in there. Including my second place Urbanville Idol finish and rap battle win in 2006.

We looked pretty cute in 2011, right? Matching outfits and everything. I think I've only grown better looking since then.

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Nothing like a blast to the past. Ohh the memories..

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oh man, seeing those awards I was voted for put a smiel on this ol face. also seeing what I was best known for, LOL

great to see you again jodie! sweet thang you!

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We were adorable weren't we, think we should do it again but this time we shall wear pink. And my main men! How you been?
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