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I made a game and want some feedback. Some of you may remember Fail Game Expert (which is hosted by my site as well, click the copyright notice at the bottom of my page and it takes you to the page) but what I tried to do for this game was make it actually nice and not annoying to play.

You can find the game here:
Password: ihavecrabs

It's really simple and it only has three levels. This is the beta version upon which I'll make changes and fix glitches. I'm having issues with the sound (I can easily fix how it only plays once) so it plays tracks over each other and causes major errors (not too noticeable) when you retry a level.

So what do you think? Feedback on the graphics, gameplay, ect. would be awesome. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed. Are any levels way too hard? Too confusing?

Thanks for the opinions! :D

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On level 3, (I think), the underwater level, I got totally stuck when the turtle moves upwards, I couldn't get past the shark. I really have no idea how to get past that. The turtle literally swims straight into the shark and there is nowhere to hide from it.

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Yeah, my friend had an issue with that too. You have to jump off the turtle backwards and crawl up the sand, under the shark. Half the time you still get hit by the tail, but if you time it right, you can make it under without losing any health. I tried to make all levels possible without losing health, and if I try really hard I can make it through without touching a single mob.

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For level 2 I may add some instructional signs, because people get stuck at the turtle part. On level three I might add a diver holding a sign or something with a slight hint of what to do.

Thanks for the feedback! :D

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Do not put a sign there. They should be able to figure it out.

When you fall in the water (die) , you respawn with the amount of hp you had before you died. Perhaps nearly dead.
on the second stage, 2nd boat. on the right hand side where the other crab is in the bo. when you jump on in and move around on the box, you warp into the air.

The turtle some times trake a long time to appear.

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Thanks for the feedback. The turtle goes at a set speed between boats... I could make it slightly faster but if it goes too fast, the crab won't be able to keep up. I can't figure out the code to get the two to stick.

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Is there a level past level 3? I keep getting to the box and then it just tells me I died. Don't really know what that's about. Also, I don't like how the life points work. I like the idea of getting hit by something once and losing a chunk of health and having a quick second or two of invincibility as opposed to the slight touching because as is, I find myself always being knicked by the little crabs which is frustrating because visually I'm not touching them, but the game registers that I am. This happens a lot more on the third level. Overall though, the game is addicting, but I wish it would let me progress past level 3!

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It only goes to level 3... Don't wanna do too much before I get feedback. I got some pretty good tech feedback from people on flash forums, and good average gamer feedback from here... Should be able to make it more understandable and interesting.

The people on the flash forum said the exact same thing as you -- I need to change the hitboxes (I can do that easily but it'll be tedious) but the invincibility and health chunk thing are a bit advanced and I have no idea how to do them with Actioionscript 2.0...
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