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People, hear me out.

Write something to the chronicles. Submit that story that you wanted others to read. Get into the groove and tell us about your travels around Urbanville / comic con.

I have submitted my story already, but the manager of the chronicles say that they can not publish a single story at a time. And I really want to share that experience with you lot.

So get off your feet, sit that behind down and start writing!

I am not going to buy your participation, but I can say that if you send in your story and it gets published, there will be something waiting for you at the finish line.

39K props, 6K posts

Not even one reply?

Does no one want to submit anything to the Chronicles?! Such a lack of support....

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lets rap boiii

39K props, 6K posts

You better step up or you will be shot
This is the one opportunity you aint got.
So head on over to the two line diss,
At best I predict a swing 'nd a miss.
aww Yissss....
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