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I am saddened to announce that Afro Chic has passed away, and would like to open this forum as a place to talk about the good times we all had with here on Urb. So many of us came here and stayed here because of her hard work and wonderful spirit, my heart goes out to her Husband and Family.

I will miss you Afro Chic, stay Funky.

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Well hopefully Her and James (Maggot to those who Don't know who I am talking about). Are watching us from the other side and smiling seeing those who are trying to keep this site alive.

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When I read the topic, my heart sank. :(

Affy is one of the few I actually still remember from the "golden age" when I joined. Despite me being problematic during that time, she's was always nice and extremely helpful as I got to know the site better.

I didn't know her as personally as others here did, but she was essential to get this site going. From how she acted online, I'm sure she was a great person to be around in real life as well.

You'll be missed.

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She was a beautiful personality with a heart bigger than the moon.


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no way! affy was an awesome force and a great person. much love to ironpants and the rest of her family. RIP Afro Chic

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Our condolences Iron Pants. She was a fantastic person.

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She is the definition of funky. May she rest in peace.

*long distance hug to heaven*

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R.I.P Afro chick was so awesome and such a role model. I never say he get mad she stayed true to the Queen of funk. My heart goes out to Iron Pants. I hope hes doing good now in this time. I just really can't believe this.

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she will be missed and my condolences to iron Pants. I will never forget the great times we shared.

*cracks open a beer and toasts*


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Hi everyone, and thank-you for the condolences. Pardon me while I break character, but losing Affy has come as quite a blow. I never expected to lose her after all our adventures. I might have played cranky ol' Iron Pants but I did everything in my power to make Max happy. Everyone tells me I did, but it doesn't make losing her any easier. She was the light of my life, my main source of joy, my best friend and companion, my soul mate and my true love. I'm lost without her. As much fun as she was on Urb, she was 10x as much fun in person and the void left by her passing has been felt long and far.

Thanks to everyone on Urb for their support. I wouldn't have ever met her without this place.

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Iron pants I left you a message on fb, it should be in your other box
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