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9K props, 27K posts

How on earth did you earn over 13000 stat points this month :O
You've done 7700 assaults and you're telling me that on average, you get a +5 tp every few battles?
I call cheat (unless you somehow purchased that many TPs)

Loyal_Urbaniac is new, it's impossible for you to have purchased over 5000 stat points, you've done 1500 assaults...something smells fishy

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Or maybe he's just really talented at finding alternative ways to get tps.

9K props, 27K posts

I doubt it, last I hard the shops were broken so he can't buy TPs either

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Loyal_Urbaniac had past account which were banned. He may have gotten help from someone nice, who knows?

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Well, sorry Ronaldo if I look suspicious, I am a past urbaniac, that knows how this site works. I know a lot about this game. I have been around since 2006-7 ish.. so thats 7 years for you..
Anyways sorry for looking suspicious

9K props, 27K posts

Bronco looks verrrrrrry suspicious to me

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Topics like these makes me shake my head.

In the future (and this goes to everyone) if you suspect any cheating or violation of the game, please contact me.

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