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Alright I am going to come out and tell the truth to all of you urbaniacs, I am a past urb that use to rock this site night and day and that name that I went by was Super_flyy, I remember each and everyone one of you urbaniacs, since it was such a great community, I remember when me and Jay Rawker were buds now look at where he is at... things have changed, I am 19 years old now matured, and I cant resist this site I love it so much!
I think I deserve a chance to come out of suspension.... I can prove it also!

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Please love me guys! I love urbaniacs I started playing back when i was 11!

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I know urbs such as Montgomery, tempest, glowstik, thething, rockinrichard,mantis,jay_rawker, _Death, love_child, bobaganoosh, euphillya, thunderblitzkrieg, broncoDbtj, yall were the best this site use to be soo chill!

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There is no possible way to remove your suspension.

The only way a suspension is lifted is if someone asked to be suspended willingly and decides to come back in the future.

You however, have an extensive amounts of warnings, violations, etc.

If you really want to play. I'd suggest to start from scratch and behave.

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Alright I will prove I am better person, but first the site needs to be fully functional again. :(

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For the people that went AFK for quite some time, Please inform us with what happened.


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What happened as suppose to what?

Nothing new has happened besides the bank has been removed.

Activity is pretty low.

A new developer is working on the site. SLowly but surely.

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I think I remember playing xbox with you years and years ago :D

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Jay, I was referring to Loyal Urbaniac. What did they do to get banned?

And since I can ask some questions. Who is in charge of the Chronicles now?

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I am in charge of the chronicles.

Nobody has written anything in months. You are the only one who has actually submitted something. I can't make an Issue with just your article and mine.. haha

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404: answer not found

I'll take a swing at the pinata and say duping because I think the only people who have ever been banned from this site are dupers and spam bots, with the exception of very few others.

Unless he wants to tell us, it'll probably go unknown. Doesn't really matter, as long as he complies with what Jay said and "changes" whatever needs to be changed.

Could be something really simple, IDK. I too had multiple accounts but this was my very first one... I made a second later on because I wasn't able to post in the forums or Urbogram. I was like 10 at the time so naturally I annoyed everyone. Just kept account-hopping to get away from the bullying, and finally got back to this one.

Multi-accounting isn't really that bad as long as you don't take advantage of it. It's too much work anyways to train on one account, trade to another account, train on it and trade back. Especially without someone online noticing.

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There are still multi-accounters that are almost undetectable. Probably more than you'd think. I wouldn't really mind, but the activity level on the site is so low that to know there are multi-accounters hurts a tiny bit.

If someone tries really hard they can usually pull off multi-accounting without any issues. Not necessarily multi-accounting to take advantage of the game.

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Euphyllia I discreetly tried to avoid that question. haha. I don't think its in my place to disclose such information in a public forum. Ask him himself and see if you'll get an answer.

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Yeah, the reasons a person gets banned shouldn't be announced in a public forum, just know that it is for far more serious infractions than having multiple accounts.

Super_Flyy, I hope you really have matured and have love for this site. Your repeated transgressions were so great that all your items, stats and urbos were deleted from your previous accounts anyway, so starting over is your only option. I hope we can move forward with a good relationship.
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