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Anyone getting the same problem as me?

I go to trade for an item and all of my inventory doesn't show at all, just allows me to add Urbos.

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can you be a bit more specific.

what are you trying to do?
Whats happening?

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Well i want to create a trade with my cousin ElBronco for his training pass. He goes to put it in his trades and his items wont load up. I tried doing the same and I had the same problem.

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Ok thank you.. I will forward this to the developer.

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YEah i also have a problem when i try to train in the morning

i use firefox and when i collect a box it keeps coming up undefined

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does that only happen with firefox?

Have you tried a different browser?

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The reason for this happening is that the Site is running out of space.

Trading is now back to normal. Temporary space was added, therefore being able to see your inventory. If you can not see your inventory in the near future, which is likely, please let me know.
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