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When are they re-opening the bank? It's been like two years!

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Do people still play this game? Haha, only just came back today after a few years away :L

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Obviously people still play this game. Nice of you to grace us with your naked butt.

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Alright, was only asking considering whenever i am online i'm the only one on. And i think i remember you from a while ago, we used to battle together every now and again. I would like to come back and play like I did before but there don't seem to be many active players :/

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Things are unfortunately taking quite a bit to move on. All we can do is be patient and wait this journey out..

I can definitely say that there is a developer working on the stie and hes getting some of the core stuff fixed.

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It likely won't... Then again, the economy can't be magically fixed unless a new currency option is introduced or some service is offered to take the urbos out of circulation.

A simple solution would be a "Made-to-order" body shop in which a player could say to Jay, "I want a body with all stats 5000 for 100,000,000 urbos" and he could take the urbos out of their account and add the body part.

That brings up the overpowered body issue, though. Maybe release super exclusive 10,000,000 urbo items. They wouldn't be made for people to buy, just to take money from the rich out of circulation.

I think by taking the capitalist route in the first place, all of the poor players quit. It was impossible for them to get anything "cool" or be taken seriously by the "big dogs"...

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I would like the bank to open up one day, but at a much lower interest rate--like maybe .1%.

I like Euphyllia's idea because I've been asking for urbo items for years now. We just need super expensive urbo items to take the money out of circulation and back into urbs hands. Right now urbos are being put into circulation, but none is being taken out.

The other solution is to have the opposite of the bank--taxes. I don't think anybody likes taxes, though. You go to a site like this to get away from that.

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Something will probably be done with the currency of the game. It is obviously contributing to loss of activity,

Adding a few expensive urbo Items on the shop wont solve anything. The item has to be limited, maybe only 25 will be sold? and so on. But how much are people willing to pay for an item? What do you guys think an item like this would cost?

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It'd have to be pre-existing item.

I know I haven't make any new items recently (too busy with school) so this won't change anything really, but I was using a cheat engine on Ameba Pigg to finish a fishing challenge and get a lighthouse and at that time (early 2013) I didn't have the multitude of laptops I have now so I just used my desktop to fish for about 48 hours straight pretty much every week and I think I kinda fried the hard drive because now I can't even open Chrome and last night when I tried to open Flash, the computer stopped making that grinding noise you hear when the hard drive is running and the fans stopped and the screen froze like it used to in the late 90s when playing games on CDs.

That was a large sentence and I forgot where I was going with it but basically I can't make items anymore so... x_x

It'd be annoying if you released the Viking Shield or B. Were Boy, even if it were for 25,000,000 urbos. If there's items that were never released, release some for...

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I think 10,000,000 is the max limit I'd spend despite having the amount of urbos I do. I know I'm #17 in the rank so others probably have like 20 times more than I do, but I feel like I'd just keep my urbos while other people bought the items so that I'd be like some rich cartel lord when everyone has spent their urbos.

Maybe others would do that too... And I've been noticing that when items actually get released, like 7-8 sell and the rest just sit there. Even if they're urbo items.

The idea would work to an extent I think...

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I'd be happy to spend 10 mill urbos on a urborang if you ever decide to bring that back to the shop.

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I'll speak to Mayor and lets see what I can do. That depends on how well the shops are working now.

I think there are a few items that could be released for 10M+ urbos.

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Ok guys, this is being considered.

would doubling the price of everything be fair? tripple?

Should the items in the shops be included in this price raise?

Please let me know.

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And now the pawn shop is out-of -business...

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doubling would be good

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Thunder, thanks for letting us know. I already sent the programmer an email.

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No prob, just trying to help the best way I can...

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Triple or quadruple IMO... However, there's an issue with all of this...

If you even double the price of something, say a 200,000 urbo item that isn't very impressive, it is now double as hard to work for. For someone playing the games every day, it could now take them two weeks instead of one. This will deter new players.

Reset all balances to 0 and reinstate the bank. Only real way to fix it lol... Then again, if we had a programmer and everyone was into communism, there could be a system that would take the average of all urbos in active accounts and make that everyone's balance, then when a new player signs up, give them a cut.

If we had a programmer, we could also implement taxes on things as well.

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I don't think you need to increase the price of existing items. Offering rare items for 10M+ is a start, but it won't solve everything.

I think we need to offer a master item for, say, 500 million urbos. Maybe put 5k or 10k might on it. We have such strong players already that a super item wouldn't upset the balance of power that much.

For those that can afford it, it is almost a must-have item. For everyone else, they have to save up to get it. We need something that people need to save up for. If that idea is successful, we could take several billion urbos out of circulation. That would be huge. Of course some people still wouldn't buy it, but it would be a huge regulator of the economy.

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A Nice idea to keep rich people from getting richer would be everyone contributes to the bank the more money put in the more money everyone gets. That way more people will but money in the bank and everyone gets the benefit. Only problem is if some richer people get mad that the newbies get more money than them when their the ones contributing more money. I don't have a problem though i want to contribute to help newbies get money. And urb is really small and I can't think of anybody rich that would have a problem with it.

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A store just for newbies would be ideal.

Eventually all items will be more expensive because Urbos is so common. I think DaMan wants to impose a second currency to the game, perhaps one that you can only obtain by buying it with real money.

As far as having people to work for a very expensive item is a good idea. I'll pass that on and see what can be done. Perhaps, someone would like to create it?

What do you guys think of having a bank for each dispo?
For example, a bank for Vigilantes, Villains, Heroes, Beatnik, and Nomads?

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Honestly I wish that we didn't have to have cash items, but I understand the need for them. The site isn't free to run.

The main key when instituting something that requires cash is that it can't make people who do not have cash feel like they cannot enjoy the game without it. Most kids can't spend money on the site.

A bank for each dispo is a reasonable idea. Would it make everyone want to be a nomad? Some dispo switching is inevitable, but I like ideas that band people in the same dispo together. Not sure if doing it with the bank is the right way to go.

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I don't think the site would be strongly based on real cash. That is not the intention.

How about a feature that can group the dispos together. like a guild?

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I know you have someone working on the site's bugs, but do you have idea when these bugs will be fixed? How long has it been?

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I would like to see my idea and group banks shown. And maybe at the end of the month the dispo that earned the most urbos get a prize even though I'm a nomad and want everyone to be a nomad. People would switch to the richest group to get more money and next thing you know you only have one dispo.

A guild would be nice but honestly not enough members for that. Their would probably be about 4guilds at max with only like 7-9 members each.

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The new programmer just came in about a month and a half ago. I know from programming that you just can't ever put a timetable on those sorts of things. I've been told he is working on the bugs, though. That's all you can ask for.

We've gone for years without a programmer--I'm just excited that we finally have one now to help build the site back up.

Adding more cash currency may work out ok for the game--you just have to be careful with it. I'm not sure I follow the guild idea. Sandggg, when building such a big feature like that, you have to account for growth. Sure, it may be small at first, but you have to leave room for it to grow big. That is always the hope.
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