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18K props, 4K posts

I'll give you three clues

1.) He's urbalicious
2.)He's Amazing

What's up everyone? Man, its been around 7 months since I've been on here! But, I'm back now. Hit me up the newest Urb-News

18K props, 4K posts

Actually it was more like a year

9K props, 27K posts


Just joking, welcome back :D

44K props, 6K posts

WElcome back alter!!

18K props, 4K posts

Thanks guys, how active is the site now?

95K props, 6K posts

good to see ya back around,

141K props, 5K posts

not very :(

45K props, 5K posts

Who?! An alien from the outer rim?!


18K props, 4K posts

Hey Oracle! Sydney, that isn't very good news. :(

141K props, 5K posts

I know it's not good news but it's the only news for now.

4K props, 1K posts

So odd how this is still around. I like it like that though, nice to come back and see sold old faces still around.

18K props, 4K posts

That's exactly what I thought honestly...
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