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Hallo to all who is still knocking around here on URB. Its been a good 6months plus since i visited. Lots has been going on in my life & unfortunately Urb has taken a back seat. Just popped on to say hi to all & will try and get on as much as i can to say hi.......

Santa neck missed out just before Xmas to do my annual give away............ I will be on again to once again give away stuff!!!

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welcome back neck

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word up old friend!

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Good guy neck :)

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You can still do the giveaways! HAHA

Welcome back Neck!

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welcome back neck! ;)

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its good to see old faces around!!!

Maybe i should start giving away stuff again as that seems to work ha ha........

have 500,000 urbos sydney alice for being the first to reply to my post.

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Thanks neck... Yes, bribes seem to do the trick around here for sure. Thanks again

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lolz can never go wrong with bribes ...WB neck

*Vigilante Pride*

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sup neck, good to see ya back around

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maybe i should put my XMAS HAT on again, ha ha i know its 3months late but hey......

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Have 444,444 urbos jtg (even though you probably dont need it ha ha.....)

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thanks again neck ...u can never have enough urbos tho ***buys random item at shop*** lolz

*Vigilante Pride*
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