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I'm here passing off some information to you! There is a new developer that is now working to get things done. The first thing on his list is to fix the shops. Once that's done, he will start working on other things that need fixing, and eventually adding new features!

If you see anything that doesn't look right, please let me know here.

If you'd have anything that you'd like to see, let me know. I'll be sure to pass it on. Maybe it can be done.

*Throws confetti*

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Good job!

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Woohoo! :)

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A chat room and/or shout box... Maybe just on the side of the page somewhere, or at the top of the forums page. I used a forum with a shout box and nothing bad goes on in there -- if something is said that shouldn't be said, there are report options and chat log that is visible to everyone.

I think a shout box or some chat function would really help with the inactivity issues... As I've stated many times in the past, I'd be on here all day if there was a chat.

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Then advertising?

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Im guessing the fact that I couldn't connect had something to do with the new developer?

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My sources are saying Probably Sandggg.

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I'm just glad it was fixed. I wouldn't think it had something to do with the developer--the developer probably fixed it.

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The database had to be reset due to old battle logs. It needed to be cleaned out.

Everything is good now, and the developer is back working. I should get an update on what the developer is working on at the moment and what he has planned to work on after.

if any one sees anything strange, please post it here..


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In the previous case, the site was down so we wouldn't be able to post it here.

Is [email protected] still the right place to email?

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Yes, but the quickest way would be to notify me at [email protected].

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Shop is fixed. Transactions between Urbo Items are fixed.
Cash item transactions are being worked on now.

After that is fixed:

A new user-interface. Maybe options to link Facebook. New website design. And Campaigns!

All this is anticipated to be completed by year 2015. Time is estimated because there is only one developer. Possibilities of adding another is certain.

Any comments, ideas, concerns?
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