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I will check the standing a total of 4 times per month. Each time I check it i will award a certain amount of points to everyone listed. At the end of the month the top three players with the most points awarded by me wins a prize!

How points are earned.

1st time I check the standings:
-the top ten of each category will receive points in the following way
1st- 10pts
2nd- 9pts
and so on, until 1 point.

2nd and the rest of the times I check the standings:
-If you placed top ten in any category the previous time, but you dropped down a spot or more, you will lose the amount of points corresponding to that category. If you gained a higher spot, you get awarded the points corresponding

First check
1. Bob-10pts
2. John-9pts
3. Doe-8pts
4. Jane-7pts
5. and so on-

Second check

1. John-10pts (he now has 19pts)
2. Bob- (minus 2 points) now has 8pts
If Bob land on 3 it would be minus 3 points, and so on.

Any questions? Ideas? Comments?

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well me either, but here lately the odds are pretty good for coming in the top 3 of something.

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I would'nt agree with dat........

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Compared to what it was possible.

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why wouldn't you agree with that Rack?

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Due to the information discussed in the previous discussion we do believe that the extermination has begun and we will continue, thank you.
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