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sup fellas what do you guys do on your free time?

i got out to funk depot and shop till i drop ahah

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free time on urb: cruise the forums, check out the pawn shop, look for tiems and play solitare

"free time" in RL, doens't really exist....right now it's cutiign up a tree from the hurricane. then it will be redoing my kitchen and bathroom. inbetween all that, sorting out buckets of clothing for donation or sale. but nothing like sitting on couch playing guitar hero free time....

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Go to the beach... go to restaurants.... go hiking... biking... and I also like fishing. I go fishing a LOT.

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i finally finished the tree. now i have to rebuild the tree house in the spring. but for the time being, my free time is going toward putting up the christmas decorations, buying gifts, reading a book, working out and working (yes, when i get home, i do more work in my "free time" to make sure thigns stay on track for work).
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