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5K props, 531 posts


18K props, 5K posts

Yes indeed.

26K props, 12K posts

*stands in way*
Im waiting.

13K props, 4K posts

*Stands next to ManDude but slightly out of the way, just enough to be considered in the way to upset people*

Hellur! :D

3K props, 1K posts

^Blocks and stands in the way with Eu and ManDude.

18K props, 4K posts

*Torches blueflames*

Nuff said!

28K props, 5K posts

SANDS in way Get it? ManDude gets it

3K props, 1K posts

Hahaha altergut I have more flames than you so you can't tourch me it will be the other way around budd

26K props, 12K posts

XD Yeah I get it, sand.

53K props, 6K posts

* throws rang in the air and hits blue mandude n euph *

zeroes ughh annoying

1K props, 105 posts

*sneaks in the area from behind osmeliio and cuts him in the neck with a machete*

The vigis are standing in your way.... you have been warned.....stay hidden or die!

201 props, 444 posts

*walks up causully to mr money with two large dobermans*
aw man, i wanted to eat him!
*licking my lips*
he looked kinda tasty.
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