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Sorry, I'm a boy, but I'm posting in here to get advice... Please don't delete this!

I kinda like this girl in my friend group (we all eat lunch together every day) and I'm getting my license soon so I would be able to take her out on a date... I take rejection VERY POORLY and I cannot work up the nerve to ask her out in person. To explain more, my friend group is about 90% people that hate me... They aren't my friends. But they're friends with my friends, so they HAVE to sit with us. Not to rant or anything, but there's a guy that is "slow" who is super mean to me and this pathological liar girl. They would taunt me if they overheard me being rejected.

So would it be bad to ask somebody out over text? I've had her number for a while, but we don't text much. I talk to get at lunch a lot though. Should I try to text her until I get my license or something? Maybe like a conversation once a month or something.

How would you respond to getting asked out over text? D:

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I would start texting her a couple times a week. Just ask how she's doing, what's she's up to, and whatever type of personalized conversation starter you can think of. That way she can get used to having that type of communication with you and it won't be so jarring to get asked out by text later on. And as a bonus, it will give you a head start to getting to know her better and vice versa.

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Sorry ladies for posting.

If your "Friends" find out you asked her out over a text they will call you names like being... a sissy cat. Something along those lines.

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Thanks Love! I'll try doing that then. :D

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Good luck, Euph!

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I hope it works for you. I just had success with it.

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Hopefully nobody asks her out before I do in a couple months! I'll report back with any news. XD

Any tips of what to say if I get rejected? Say she says, "I'd like us to just stay friends" or something... What do I say? How should I react if I don't get a reply from her? Would I sit with them at lunch? I was thinking about this the other day and I actually have a backup group I could eat with temporarily.

If I get accepted, I'll probably post a thread in the lounge covering things to do and not to do on first dates. :3

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If she rejects just say "Oops wrong person!" As if you ment to text someone else.

Dont tell her that you like her just say things complimenting her. Then at the end ask her out.

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Okay, so besides hitting on her -_-, what can I do to start a texting convo? Just a friendly thing. Then if the opportunity arises, I may compliment.

How should I start the convo? We don't really talk much by text but I think she may be a big texter of friends and stuff. She's inverted and shy in person. I don't want to text and be like "Hey" then get a reply like "Hi" and be all like "So..." and then she'd be like "Yeah..." What is an interesting convo to talk about? D:

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If you have a class together, you can talk about that. Find out her interests so you can comment on them. Does she play video games? Does she do extracurricular activities? Does she have pets? Does she read or do art? You can talk about books, ask to see her artwork and compliment her skills, etc.

When you ask her out, it doesn't have to sound like a DATE date, it can be something like... such and such movie comes out on Friday and I was planning on going. Do you want to come with? Make it sound like you're hanging out. Then you can gauge the vibe when you're actually out with her. Don't come on too strong, be a gentleman and pay for her.

If you decide you're still interested after spending one on one time with her, make it clear that the next time will be a date. If she rejects you, just say it's cool and friendship is good for you too. Then act as if nothing happened. Don't avoid her, just be your "normal" self.

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Magic, it worked for you? Spill the beans, dude!

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My parents won't let me go on date's. So we visit each others houses and sit together at lunch. Does it count if i ask hey Shaylen *My gf* can I come to your house at 6:00. She usually says yes. So i geuss it works for me to.

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awww good luck Eu i hope all goes well

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Ugh, I felt really uncomfortable this time in 5th grade when I invited a friend who was a girl to the movies. She dressed like we were going on a date and I was in old clothes. It was really uncomfortable for both of us and now we hate each other. I think I may just get to know her better over text for a long time, then ask her out.

I think she likes animals...? o_o

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Yeah you have to be good friends with her. or else you would be going on about it too fast.

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I am good friends with her already. We always eat lunch in the same group and talk and stuff...

I texted her about dogs and we had maybe a 10 text convo. Any interesting topics to text about next in a few weeks?

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Ask her what her favorite color is and stuff like that.

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Okay, well I had a few text convos where it's obvious something is up because I never texted her before for like 6 months or a year, or however long I've had her number, so I've had like one mini convo about dogs, another medium sized convo about summer plans and now I don't know what to talk about. I just kinda find something and make an excuse to text her to "bond" and such... e_e

Once I can legally drive people in a car without a parent I will ask her out because it's awkward taking a parent out to dinner and such... -_-

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LOL!! Can't you go places on the bus? I see a lot of couples being lovey dovey on the bus.

You can ask about what movies or books she likes. Then watch or read them (if you haven't already) and have conversations about it.

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I was wondering this as well.... so if we text a lot its not a big deal?

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I decided against the idea as we are kinda friends and if she says no I don't want to make the friendship super awk. I think that's the most mature way to go about it. :3

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Euph, One word: Puns.

I absolutely love them, and if a friend said them to me I would definatly be intrested haha. Yes, puns are punny. Haha, funny/punny. LOOL

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it worked 4 me too lots of times

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Decided to ask her to homecoming. If I get rejected, that won't ruin our friendship as much as me asking her out. :P

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Good decision E, that is a great way to test the waters in your situation

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Okay so I can technically drive her next year to homecoming legally but here's the deal...

So at the beginning of last year, we all agreed to get presents for each other. So we all got presents for one person in December, then we all got presents for the girl in like February and then her brother in March and nobody forgot. When my birthday came around, nobody even remembered. Not a single person... Until I invited my friend whose birthday is in December to go out to eat with us at a fancy restaurant and then he got me a present a month or two later.

So I'm betting that she doesn't care too much about me even though she had it written down, so I decided after that to just stop there. She probably honestly forgot, but she got a birthday card for a girl she hates (because she's a psychopath, literally)... So I guess I'm not too important. :P


And that is why I won't be in a relationship for years. ^_^ :(
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