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This is for all Family members, and recruits of the Family(shadows). This is a role playing thread. Do not spam and no fighting(of course role playing fights are fine).

This is our home! Where we train, hold meetings, lay our heads at night and think of evil plans to rule urbanville

*As you enter, a butler offers you his hand to take your coat and offer you drinks or food that you may desire. Upstairs are the bedrooms, over two hundred in the household. Downstairs is the kitchen living area. Off into the library is a secret panel that leads to the secret meeting room. This is where our leaders and council will hold trials, meetings etc. Back out of the library and in a small corridor lies a set of stairs that lead into the dungeon*

Make yourself at home my Family! Os, our Vile Villain Leader, gets first pick of the rooms! Shadows are only permitted into the conference room when they have been chosen to go to trial to become family. Other than that they may go wherever in the

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naw, it's a way for me to see if intruders came in, even though I can smell ro sense them. I still guard this place. so how you've been Raven?

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ok I guess I have missed yall

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We missed you too Raven.

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yes we did miss ya Raven

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Dang missed BRO!!!!
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