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After reading the sorry state that Urbanvilles male populace has ended up in here are some ground rules you should follow:
1) You always and I mean always have your homeys back.
2) Unless you want to know him on a deeper level, you leave his "prefrences" alone.
3) Hitting on a homeys girl is a scumbag move.
4) If you drink too much refrain from talking, because it's very unlikely something good will come out of it.
5) The fellas forum is where you come to chill, rivalries and arguments stay outside or else you stay outside.
6) Respect your elders, if they say something it's for your benefit not theirs.
7) Elders act the part, don't start arguments with three year olds.

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Kampo, fully agree. Good Bloke. Remember this code dudes.

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Straight up man.

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I agree 100%.

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I am RG, and I approve this.

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I love it when you guys say agree when you mostly are the ones doing itXD

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should we make a thread that says how to be a kid so alter and his friends post there ;p

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whoah do youse not like alter?

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Thanks for providing some great examples of how not to be a man, now stop with the spamming.

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nice one kampo... somoeone had to say it and who better than a smart guy like kmapo.

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Hey now OS, I didn't ask for that bro. Lol, Your only a year older than me no bucket Os and I go WAAAAYYYYY back it's all good...

@Kill_u *coughs*Suckup*Coughs*

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ahaha im just messing with you gut ... atleast you dont take it to heart like some urbs ...

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@altergut: i am pretty sure that kill_u isn't a suckup, its called showing respect to someone who deserves it, just because you don't get any doesn't mean that others don't.

'coughs' jealous'coughs'


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im a 'suckup'? it's just a game alter, get a grip.

thanks there bro.

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Alter gets alot of respect...But we shouldnt be arguing!In this forum at least.

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AnOTher WaY To Be A MaN

.....Wait for it...
Grow a moustache, Bam sorted :) btw yay alter :D

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The Chuck Norris way?

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Do NOT! Sit down to pee

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Control your anger.

The strongest man is not who fights, but is the one who can control their temper. <---- its something like that.
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