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As I leap back through the pages of these dusty forums, memories of former rivals and friends come to mind. I think about the countless hours I spent on this site growling from one thread to the next, wondering what people are doing with their lives now.

It seems this old cat is feeling rather nostalgic. My point being, i'm very interested in what has happened to my comrades (or what is left of them) and where have they gone in life over the years, how far have they moved from when this site was but a child.

I suppose I better start it off with myself.

In the prime years of this site when I was active daily I was only a boy in my teens, quite embarrassed if my peers on this site were to find out I was only 14-15, I was not the grumpy persona those imagined me to be.

Now i've grown up, i've finished highschool, i'm living with my beautiful girlfriend, i'm studying Health & Fitness at university and I represent my region in New Zealand in rugby.

Yours sincerely, Breaker

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Approaching final year of college and got into an accelerated masters program! Hope you guys are all doing well and managing during these strange times.

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Haven't been here since i was like 12, thought i'd check around.

I got a job as a software engineer at a large silicon valley company right before lockdown started.

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Well... I have a kid. Living in a state where the stars at night are big and bright.

It's weird revisiting here after so long. I learned a lot here. Miss you guys

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Been years since I last visited this place, I was a tiny kid back then. Still tiny today lol.I traveled, moved, and learned a lot since then.. :) graduated college too.

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Every now and then Urbs come to mind. The fun we had, the drama, the action and everything in between.
It makes me happy to see that the rest of you made it in life. Whether it is kids or a career or a band progressing. Keep it up!

Ive been married for 7 years now, no kids. We made the choice to end the bloodlines here. We might adopt in the future. We moved to a farm for 6 of those 7 years and recently (about 3weeks) ago, moved to a new suburb. Our cats are adapting and we are happy with our new place.
I survived an accident I should not have some years ago. Busted me up quite badly. Was bedridden for 6 months, but luckily my hard hardheadedness cushioned the fall on the tar road.

We are looking into immigrating from RSA to Portugal in the next couple of years. Explore a bit and remote work from there on out.

It is a strange nostalgic feeling I get when I pop in here. Longing for those days, but also loving the present. We are indeed getting older.

Until next time,

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Still miss you all, good to see all these updates. On my 2nd year of University studying Commercial Music, it's online all year due to Zoom lmao. Band's making good progress, released 2 singles during lockdown and we're on board with making a music video for our next single release. Our band's called "St. Clements", we're on Spotify, Apple Music, all that stuff. Can never forget the good memories of this site, stay safe everyone!

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not much changed for me. still working in the oilfield, still married and have 4 kids now. still drinking beer and whiskey and swamp water (no surprise) LOL.

hang in there mantis and will check out the band. got to support a fellow urb

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why doesnt someone code this site features in HTML5? just curious as it wont be that hard and people who used to use this site growing up can atleast cherish memories considering its still up and running.

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The owner of the site would either hire someone to do the HTML5 or do it himself.

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I think the original site owner wanted the site re-coded, but it was too expensive. He sold the site hoping that the new owner would invest in updating it, but they seem to have no intention of doing that.

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I was SuperDuperDude....I can't remember my login for him and it looks like none of the games work except a couple with no actual pictures on it...I spent many hours on this page when it first started...I met some friends, made some enemies...But in the end, this was a lot of fun! Hope everyone that used to be here daily is doing well! I am doing great :) Just came back to see what was up but I see its dead...If any of you log back in from back in the day, please leave a message or something to let me know how you are! :) Have a great day everyone! :)

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I still have my Urbaniacs T-Shirt I bought from the site years ago but its probably stored somewhere...I guess I need to get another one just for the nostalgia...I know I spent so much time on this page...

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Hey, SuperDuperDude! I still have my Urbanics T-shirt as well! I wear it all the time; it's one of my favorites.

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I looked on ebay to find another Urbaniacs shirt and there aren't any listed at all...Thats to bad...The owners of this site should log in sometime cuz I need another shirt...And since there aren't any anywhere else, I guess Goatfist stole them all along with all the games and the money in the bank on here ;)

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Theres an urbaniacs T-shirt?

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what does it look like tho?

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Well, it looks like a T-shirt LOL

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