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As I leap back through the pages of these dusty forums, memories of former rivals and friends come to mind. I think about the countless hours I spent on this site growling from one thread to the next, wondering what people are doing with their lives now.

It seems this old cat is feeling rather nostalgic. My point being, i'm very interested in what has happened to my comrades (or what is left of them) and where have they gone in life over the years, how far have they moved from when this site was but a child.

I suppose I better start it off with myself.

In the prime years of this site when I was active daily I was only a boy in my teens, quite embarrassed if my peers on this site were to find out I was only 14-15, I was not the grumpy persona those imagined me to be.

Now i've grown up, i've finished highschool, i'm living with my beautiful girlfriend, i'm studying Health & Fitness at university and I represent my region in New Zealand in rugby.

Yours sincerely, Breaker

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SydneyAlice - Last Seen 2018-09-27 21:49:37.

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Hello everybody!!!!

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Lol, I was 12 when I first found Urb... Was looking for games like mini clip and found celebrity wedgie toss. I'm in the military now with 2 kids and a wife. I plan on starting YouTube back up fairly soon when I get out the military and finishing my bachelors in game design, had to put it aside for training and going overseas.

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I don't know if I'm more shocked to see Kanis, or to find out that Alter got married. And had kids.

Kanis, you didn't catch us up. What have you been doing with your life?

And Alter, what are you going to be doing on YouTube?

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Congratulations Alter!

Kanis! My dude!

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Jay, what have you been up to?

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man it so good to see how every has grown. the young'uns having kids getting married. the great jobs and stuff.

as always *raises a beer to toast* to the familia urbz! stay funky be well, and live happly.

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It's hard to think how far everyone has come. Messing around with all you delinquents back in "the day" like that makes us sound so old feels like yesterday sometimes, doesn't it? And now you're all full on adults. It's enough to bring a tear to a man's eye.

But not a Man Dude.

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It's honestly amazing to see how far everyone has come, everyone's grown to do their own great things. I'm currently in my last year of college studying Music, I'm in an indie pop band called "St. Clements" and we have released an EP on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube etc. Feel free to check out the debut EP "Rocket Science for the Elderly" (I'm one of 2 guitarists in the band).

I am now 20 years old going through life as it comes, my cousin xx__hamo__xx is doing great, he's 21 and studying Ethical Hacking in University. I'm glad the forums are still up and we can have frequent update and contacts, we miss you all.

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Yeah, it's great to hear everyone's updates. Buckethead, your band sounds amazing. Best of luck to you guys!

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Wow Love, thank you so much, that means a lot coming from you! Hope you're doing well!

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Turns out I can’t remember my password to the original mermaidman account so I’m back as mermaidman2 haha

Just wanted to say how much of a childhood memory this website was and all the people here I literally remember dying to come back from school and just play this site day and night - honestly felt like an escape from reality ! Was my second home. Much love goes to Mayor , LoveChild and all of the team that made this happen. Can’t forget GoatFist !

I seen you were hoping for someone to be a programmer eventually to continue this site , I went down that route then turned to Ethical Hacking instead , I would have loved if this site was active and to be part of the web security team and keep those crazy glitches from never happening back in the days ! I still remember those tricks everyone pulled haha

Like bucket said, currently in my 3rd year of my 4year course. I’ll be away hacking the world in a couple years

This site definitely still has some bugs ! Wish urb was popping again

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Was great to see all the posts from the old timers.

I am alive and doing well. Building me a container home, gonna raise chickens and Pot. :)

Saving the world, composting, recycling, and all matters of sludge zapping going on.

Was excited to get in a couple battles with my old pals Jenny and Johnny. Lots of fun back in the day might be able to catch someone on line. Adios my friends. Happy new year
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