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As I leap back through the pages of these dusty forums, memories of former rivals and friends come to mind. I think about the countless hours I spent on this site growling from one thread to the next, wondering what people are doing with their lives now.

It seems this old cat is feeling rather nostalgic. My point being, i'm very interested in what has happened to my comrades (or what is left of them) and where have they gone in life over the years, how far have they moved from when this site was but a child.

I suppose I better start it off with myself.

In the prime years of this site when I was active daily I was only a boy in my teens, quite embarrassed if my peers on this site were to find out I was only 14-15, I was not the grumpy persona those imagined me to be.

Now i've grown up, i've finished highschool, i'm living with my beautiful girlfriend, i'm studying Health & Fitness at university and I represent my region in New Zealand in rugby.

Yours sincerely, Breaker

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long time so see, Breaker. it's good to see an ol'furry face. glad to hear your doing good. my how the time has past by, glad to hear about all the great things happing for ya bro.

drop an ol'friend a line sometime.


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Nice to see you Breaker. You too rack, what's going on with you?

Both my son and daughter have graduated from college. My son is going into video game design. Hopefully we'll be playing one of his games soon. My daughter is working on her Masters Degrees in Urban Planning and Civil Engineering and she just recently became engaged to her sweetheart.

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not much just working all the freaking time. chugging a cold when I can here and there.

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It's good to see old faces again, I would have expected more of them but at least i'm not totally forgotten.

Ah the masters degree, I plan on studying full time in the distant future for my masters in Sport & Exercise.

My how the time fly.

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We've all grown a lot since we joined. I was in high school when I joined, and now I'm finishing up my master's in actuarial science and plan to work for an insurance company this summer.

It's nice to hear you're doing well, Breaker.

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(7 Years Later)

My how time flies. I've periodically dropped by to see old faces and restart my nostalgia for this place. It's still all how I remember it to be.

Anyways, i'm now a Police Officer in the New Zealand Police, lately the country has been thru some trying times and I feel more of a super hero now than ever.

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If anyone would like to keep in touch ive left some breadcrumbs on my page

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anyone homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

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Hey, been a long while. Just graduated with my MBA in I&G Strategy and global business trying to find some work in Hong Kong if I am lucky. Hopefully I can find a nice management position where I can put my skills to work.

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Wow. I remember being in Primary School when I first came on this site. Have soooo many memories from here.

Now I have graduated with a degree from uni and soon to be starting work as a Software Developer.

Hope everyone else has been good :)

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Been busy with things.

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Still in a university myself hoping to make it into medical school. Glad everyone is doing ok :).

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Bout to be in 11th grade and hope to be a Graphic designer. It’s cool to see the OGs of this site

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Adult film industry lol... and I oop.

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still working in the oilfield

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Wow! The kids all grew up. Congrats on your graduations, continued studies and developments!

It'd be nice to have a reunion where everyone would check in, but it's fine this way too. It's like a present when someone drops in with an update here and there.

Breaker, so you went to the hero side in the end!

Euph... not gonna say I watched your last "film" but how the heck did you do that thing?

Racky, still working hard, I see.

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Getting by. Been really difficult without Max/Affy. I've finished off the last story for Super Temps and am doing an epilogue going over the various stories I had planned to run, since continuing with the comic is too hard with all the Affy-related elements and memories.

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Hey Scottie, you and Max have been on my mind lately. Always during the hottest days of summer, I'd complain about the heat giving me a headache and Max would remind me to put something cold on the back of my neck. It works like magic. So I think of her every time I get that bag of frozen peas out of the freezer. Haha! She affected my life in many ways and I'm grateful for the time that we spent together.

It's nice to see you drop in. Are you going to start a new comic after the epilogue is done?

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Not sure. I've been developing a new world ever since Max passed, starting from a single story and growing from there. I have enough creative projects on the go that I don't have time for a comic right now. I liked a lot of the characters from Super Temps so there's a good chance they'll show up again in reworked forms in later works.

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Started a career as a Correctional Officer after the military, haven't got stabbed or pissed thrown at me but seen some crazy stuff so far.

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Im starting my first year at university this year! As for my future career I'm still wondering what will happen, but hopefully my marketing degree works out and I can land some nice suit job somewhere. And euph.... that's awesome I hope its paying out nicely for you lol.
Speaking of switching to the hero side, osmeliio you sound like you're really making a difference in peoples lives!
And how nice is it to see Love still hangin around!

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good to hear about you guys. keep up the good stuff.

as always *raises a cold to toast y'all.

STILL working in the oil field.......

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When I started coming around I was living at college and going for journalism.
They eventually kicked me out for lack of financial aid.
This was about half a life time ago, literally.
I moved to the beach in South Carolina for four years. Learned to surf; worked as a sous chef.
Then I moved to New Orleans. For the next four years I was a bartender on Bourbon Street in the heart of the French Quarter. Four solid Mardi Gras seasons.
I went to so many music festivals!!!!
I ate all the acid. I extracted DMT. I've searched deep in the corridors of my human consciousness.
A year ago I moved to Oregon. I just got a new job legally trimming cannabis for dispensaries.
I have a dog, no family, but I live in peace and I think I'm happy.

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Scottie, I'm glad you're still doing creative projects. I did get attached to the Super Temps characters, so it's nice to know they may show up again. ^_^

Os, stay safe! I have a couple of friends who are correctional officers and they've gone through some rough times dealing with it on a psychological level.

Magic, you really are grown up now. It's so surreal to me. Haha!

Racky! lol! Well someone's got to do the hard jobs! Stay awesome. ^_^

Wow, Sacred! I really thought we'd never hear from you again, this is great! You've really been living the heck out of life! Sounds like a happy existence to me.
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