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Congratulations for making the FUNKEDELIC choice to join the H.A.

Remember, anyone can sign up, but you have to graduate the Academy before you can become a hero. But that doesn't mean you can't be in the HUSTLE, just means you'll be a cadet.

Either way sign up in here, then head over to the Quarter Store to get your H.A Armour and Sword and start making some homeys in the homey thread or start mixing it up in the Phat Cave bar.



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I have graduated at the academy... Can i sign up?

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You can sign up anyway.

I am pretty sure you'll have more classes coming soon though. ;)

But a funkadelic welcome to the newest hero in theH.A. Get funkeh cadet.


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I'm in.

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Welcome mah heroic homey,

The Quarter Master will probably start handing out sabres and pecs soon enough... I hope. :S

Raise your funkadelic hands and give our new homey max a friendly hug.


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Who us the Quarter Master? :P And what rank am I?

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Don't know yet, yall find out soonish

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I would like to join.

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Welcome to the h.a homey.

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Now what?

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The only "ewww" I see here is a villain thinking he's welcome in the Heroes forum. You best be moving along unless you're looking for trouble--because this is how you find trouble.
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