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This topic was originally posted by Zoomer_Mctraveller and when I went to sticky it, well... it got deleted. -_-

What's my body part worth? I've been asked that question hundreds of times. I don't mind answering the question and I've given the formula to many of you. It might seem a good idea to post the formula here so it will be available to everyone who needs it. The formula has been developed and refined over a few years of playing this game and it is the fairest and most consistent way to figure out what a body part's base worth is. There are some of you that try to figure what a body is worth by the numbers of TPs it would take to get to those stats. That method is invalid for many reasons, the most common is the fact that the worth of a TP is always changing and fluid. What a TP is worth to one person is not the same as another person.
The Formula is always constant it will come up with the exact number no matter what your opinion is. So here is the formula:

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I have been sitting on a gold mine all this time.. Dang

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*insert typical Racky comment here* giggity giggity

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i've got a big black snake. what's that worth?
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