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Fella's Only, yes this is the place to be!
Get away from your annoying wife, sit down comfortably and have a nice drink! - All drinks are on me!

We have a bar, Pool table, games machine - the lot!

Have fun lads!

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*Walks up to the bar*

Barman! Anyone who comes in, drinks are on me!

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Awesome thanks for the drink.

I could definitely use a drink right now lol.

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*re-fills thethings drink*

so busy day ?

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Yep, grad school is just too tough!

Then my team the Houston Texans lose depressing.

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Depresing... My team won, but mines soccer! Liverpool 2-1!

Get that drink down ya! Think i need to get a bigger TV in here, sports?

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Wow, things can't get any worse...I write this thing about how depressing it is and then it doesn't pass the filter.

I might need another refill on that drink lol. And you probably need to get a new TV after what I just did to your old one.

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