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What song or singer are you crazy about? Let's get all fangirl up in here!

I just discovered B1A4... sooo adorable!! I can't stop dancing! They're also good to listen to while doing art. I've been more productive lately thanks to these cuties.

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I really like listening to company of thieves
here is my favorite song sang by them:

I also like D'sound
(Love listening to them while doing projects)

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Haha I have a whole list!
Here goes 👀:
One Direction
Little Mix
5 seconds of summer
Kira Kossarin and Jack Griffo (they both have 1 song each though xD)
Basically all pop singers/some K-pop

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Does anyone have a you tube artist that they follow?

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Well im a guy in this forum but um i like BTR,Eminem,21 pilots,monstercat,skrillex,virtual riot,fall out boy,and DJ kaled

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I like DJKaled Big fan of his mixes.

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Shane Dawson

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