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Have you ever taken advantage of others just because you are a girl?
Have you ever make other guys do stuff for you?
Does other people treat you differently from others? Like you are more superior than guys (something like that)

Share some taking advantage moments.
List some Advantages of being a girl. lol

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The edit button works ^_^

This happens all the time in our building:
The security guard always checks if we wear proper uniform or we have our ID's. If you don't, you cant come in the building.
One time, I forgot my ID. I walked straight in the building. I looked at the guard. I smiled. He didn't stop me or anything. The funny thing is when guy friends tried to go in the building without any ID. The guard asked them some stuff and tried to stop them yada yada.

My friends told me that the guard is unfair. he let the girls in. lol

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its not fair in high school when the locker old lady says the boys hav 2 come out first
and i cant let the girls out early and when there was a new locker lady she lets us
out first so we wont b late of class and the old locker lady doesnt care if we r late
2 class or lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:0

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That's bad. I had a professor once that in favors the guys more. :(

Have you have moments when you take advantage of the boys? Voluntarily or involuntarily.

Sometimes I get free stuff. I refuse to accept it at first. Then I'll take it if they insist.
One scenarion. I was about to get my wallet to pay for the cab but the guys insisted. They payed. I don't

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no only with my mom when she told if i was gonna pay for the shoes so i told her ok bcuz i was gonna buy it and i didnt and she got mad and ended up payin for the shoes but not me and she got mad at me so she forgav me bcuz i done it like 2 times already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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yeah bcuz in here theres only alittle of girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

yeah some of my other friends who i really mean i used 2 hang out with them but now i dont bcuz they hurt peoples feelin and one day in 6th grade 2 girls who r my friends were usin me 2 get my other friend 2 like her some i helped them and they said 2 me we dont wanna b ur friends and they were usin me and when i was new at high school now i hav alot of friends who r really nice and funny and now the mean girls who were my friends look at me and say do u want 2 b my friends and i just dont look at them and told them no and then i just walked away from them and not look at them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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yeah that works 2 and in 6th grades one of the mean girls told me if they can borrow my pencil and i told them no so she threw my pencil and broke and the teacher saw wat she did so she got in trouble and she had 2 write a paper sayin the rules wat she broke and it had 2 b 10thousand time the rules and she never got 2 finish it and she went 2 the principal office and got detention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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I have those guys in my college. Backstabbing is their specialty. One of them was in my group of friends, then she started backstabbing the people in my circle of friends. She also sometimes exaggerates what is happening to her life. My friends told me that she craves for attention. I don't really do that. My friends told me I do front stabbing. lol

I was the new kid before when I was in highschool. I didn't really experience some bullying and stuff. I did like ones but it went by so fast. Am cool with them now.

Girls, let's think of topics that can make girls participate in the forum. ^_^

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yeah but how do we do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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Hmm, I think males and females both get special treatment of different types and we end up naturally taking advantage of opportunities.

At school I've been able to turn in homework late, skip, or do alternative assignments when I didn't want to do something... :p

From strangers I've gotten free admission for carnival rides, discounts, free stuff, not having to stand in line, upgrades, gifts, and invitations that would have resulted in free food/drinks, but I don't accept dates from strangers. :p

My circle of friends is very generous and we're always fighting to pay for each other whether male or female so that's a bit different. Overall I feel really lucky thinking about all the ways I've "taken advantage". ;)

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I love it when a stranger offers you a seat in the bus or train ^_^

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ummmmm....nawwww not really....guys treat u differently when wantin to play wit dem in basketball or football...dey think u can't handle the pushes or tugs....we are no different den guys!
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