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Want to be in the next yearbook? Post your info by the end of May.

Clubs: (These are made up clubs that are meant to show your interests, but in club name format)
Best Known For: List the things that you are best known for

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Quote: Long live and prosper
Clubs: Nomadic tribe
Crews:Face crew
Best known for: Beyblades

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Quote: Give it your all or give up!
Clubs: HA, Hero Executive Board
Crews: Face Crew
Best Known For: Im not actually sure :) I hope its for something nice though!

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Quote: too many to count
Clubs: urbanville committee, newbieaid,
Crews: one heart one man, I ride solo
Best known for: am best known for holding various types of contest, helping newbies, and for my newly found hobby writing in the chronicles. Am also known for selling items at a bargain. Am sure there's other things am known but I don't want to take up any more space in the book.

Jk on the last sentence !

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Quote: Whose your daddy? That's right, I am! (Handsome U. Whantme)
Club: Old Farts of Urbanville
Organization: Nomadic Tribe
Best Known For: My record speaks for itself.

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Quote: sup and thanks
Best Known For: Ladies Man and Flirt

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Quote: Do the John Wall ( :P )
Club: Cheese Lovers of Urbanville
Organization: HA
Best Known For: Being Awesome.

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Quote: Do the John Wall ( :P )
Club: Cheese Lovers of Urbanville
Organization: HA
Best Known For: Being Awesome.

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Quote: Ca-ca-ca-caffeine!!
Clubs: Talk-a-lot Club ^_^
Crews: Face Crew!!
Best Known For: I know you know it XD

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Quote: Lets party!
Clubs: HA
Organization: Face crew
Best known for: More than enough

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Quote: Hi, hello cya.
Clubs: Talkative chity chaatter
Crews: Face crew, Ha Council [if that's a crew?]
Best Known For: Being a short tempered vigilante :]

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Quote: Join the Villains!
Clubs: Villains of Urbanvillain
Organisation: Minions, MoD,
Best Known For: Creating the MoD

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clubs: hmmm to good for a club
organization:MoD, Minions
best known for: helping with the MoD, a fighter, sometimes am nice

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quote: It Happens.
clubs: Swag Club
crew: Solo Association
best know for: Being that one guy :)

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Quote: I will crush you
clubs: Villains
Crew: FC
Best known for: Being evil!

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Magic you already said that.

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Quote: The cookie monster is here to feed you sushi!
Clubs: HA
Crews: Face Crew
Best Known For: Giving cookie and cheering up people

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Quote: Man I feel like Moneyyy.
Clubs: Nomadic Tribe
Crews: ehh
Best Known for: Playing Basketball!

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easy as 1,2,3 thats what she said =D

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Quote: what u looking at oh me thx ^-^
clubs: none
crews: none
Best Know for : being 123 BUT IM NOT =P

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I understand that I'm fairly new seeing as I haven't played Urbaniacs in years (new account) but I wouldn't mind being added to the year book, if I don't have a chance it'll still be nice to share some brief information.

Quote: Be better than you were yesterday.
Clubs: Helping others no matter what
Crews: None at the moment.
Best Known For: Seeing as I'm starting fresh and I really don't recognize many people here, I'm not known for anything yet. I hope to make friends with all of the new people I see and then be known for something good.

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you can be in the tittle " WHOS THAT GUY "

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^+1 Os...

Quote: sorry but i only have one in inventory
clubs: Hubris fan club, *insert defunct club name here* club, addams family, 2legit, uctt, 2line posse, stalactites, *insert your alter-ego name here* fan club, aisle 4, baking soda, track and field
crews: nomadic tribe, face crew
Best Know for : urbanville's resident hoarder, king of the 2 line diss

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Quote: Villains RULE!
Clubs: Villains of Urbanvillain
Organisation: Minions,
Best Known For: -

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Quote: Smile it could be worse
clubs: hmmmm guitar club and sure wont shut up club
crews: all i dont know
best known for: you tell me

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Quote: To The Rescue!!
Clubs: HA
Crews: The Black Suit Squadron
Best Known For: The Walmart of Urbanville, Body Price Index Formula, Might, First Million Giveaway (now defunt)
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