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You walk into the new cafe in town, with its hardwood floors, orchid bedecked tables, baby grand piano and cozy seating areas with big soft couches. In the middle of it all is a large round bar where the aromas of coffee, cinnamon and chocolate emanate from.

The beautiful barista turns to you and it's none other than Dark_Oracle. Love_Child walks the floor chatting with each table. And from the kitchen you can hear the chef clamoring to come out and socialize.

"Stay in the kitchen, Shodow!" both women yell before going back to their guests.

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*walks back in shakes off stuff and flicks something in trash*

that's done........*grabs a mug of hot coco and sips*

this is some good stuff Love. Cheers and next round is on me!

137K props, 10K posts

Ahh, I think enough time has passed that another round is in order! Since it's on Racky, I"ll put in some extra ingredients. I call it Mystical Mystery Cocoa Coffee.
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