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Sup guys this is for guys only tell jokes, have a drink at the bar, tell us what your day was like.

18K props, 5K posts

*Walks out of the cave and a strange man says I did it to early!

*I told you not to eat my candy bar! I told you!*

*Sorry I needed some sleep*

*And some kids*

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magic if this thread is for guys then why are you here?

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Sorry I dont wear pink fuzzy shoes... And really you have no evidence that I am a girl or a transgender or something like that. Dont come in my thread if you are going to spam.

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Was that second post meant to be a joke or a post... either way it doesnt make sense and it isnt funny.

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pimps wear pink slippers for your information =D

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18K props, 5K posts

I dont get it I leave the villains and I get bad luck for that too. Today is not a good day for me.
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