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Hit it freestyle yall
doesn't matter how tall
take someone out with your awesome raps
who cares how long just dont leave any gaps.

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Yo Foster,and Steff yall wanna battle me? the elite?
Your raps are old,basic,and very obsolete
Let me tell you a story, go a head take a seat
There was a 2 guys named steff and foster who thought they couldn't be beat
Until they battled Generaxion (My real rap name) then they really took the heat
They were like captains fighting with there lyrical naval fleet
They rapped back and forth until foster and steff were at the hand of defeat!I
blue Fox shot his last Bar on foster and steffs battleship border
Soon it blew sky high with a fierce shot of blue foxes mortar!
foster and steffs ship sunk,blue Fox won the great rap battle and that was the end
At the end of the day they were still friends
but Blue fox,under his belt has now over 100 rap battle wins!

143 props, 328 posts

Yall think you guys can just go 2 on 1,with ya boi blue?
You N**** crazy if you think you can take me in yalls debut!
Why yall hiding behind a mask with a different identity!
why yall tryna get on my d*** is it BC you know im the entity!
I saw tupac in a dream nobody could believe me
My lyrics float like a butterfly and sting like a bumble bee
Enemies,friends,friends,and bigons
By the the time yall understand what I'm saying I'll be drowning in nylon
Yall bore me like a freakin college class professor!
I don't have time to hear your lecture!
I'm just waiting till the EMT arrives so I can put you on the stretcher!
I killed you,now I'm wanted for lyrical homicide!
You can call Joyner Lucas even he'll say you don't look a live!
I'm getting every chance I see to show the world that I can rap!
Boi man im in first place I don't think you can afford to lose another lap!
I'm unflammable,untouchable,inaugural, unstoppable!
You think I'm scared of you 2?! I would be if I wasn't so Phenomenal!

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Now everyone wants a diss, I'll snip you like a chip
You're common like swiss, You barely have a chin
Your raps make me twinge, And I think your brain just fizzed
This forum is making me cringe, None of this is even a challenge
You remind me of a heated fridge, You're unhinged
I bet it takes you two minutes to transmit your comments, I'm honestly about to vomit
This looks like a freakin' circus, And all of you reached your limits
Wannabe poets without a toolkit, You don't even know your digits
You look like ya need a budget or deposit, But you're out of benefits
I'll admit, Some of you rap like rockets unlike these other nuggets
I'm certain it's time to close the curtain, Since it's the end of the election
Thanks for the little competition of digitalization, But in conclusion it's the end of the discussion.

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ya'll's sh*t is a miscarriage ,
i was here and i ma pipe ya girls down straight-A plumping Delivery,
try kick this and five toes fold back like catrina dolls

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I'll bring y'all forth a legacy for y'all to remember me
Deposit made, to the bank of your memory
Attitude F the world like Ron Jeremy
Add to the fact that I need sex therapy
Era be etched in stone Face: unknown
I'm famous, for breathing life to the microphone
Metaphors and rhymes, hardcore on my grind
On my tombstone write ''the greatest of all time''

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My name REKZ y'all we kick yes, I bear the flag for the bottom of the bottle!
The gone and forgotten brothers. million man marching
I'm a marksmen, show off darts and red category
Add up all these rappers you'll be hard pressed to rep, before me
Pawns be birthed in the laboratory
Somewhere in the M.A.-chaching, chaching-ASSACHUSSETS
As you choose who you in the booth with, be wary of me
I don't know why my Momma named me Cory, but you can call me Ruthless;
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